5 Giant DIY Foods Challenge & How To Make The Best Avengers Endgame Pancake Art in 24 Hours

– You challenged us to make giant food, and check out this pizza! You challenged us to make a giant slice of pizza, so right now, let’s go! – [Devan] I’m kicking it off by kneading my dough. – And I’m kicking it off with some sauce. It’s time to pulverize. – What, you’re pulverizing […]

8 Best DIY Food Hacks #2 Plus A New Pancake Art Challenge You Need To Know How To Do

– You challenged us to make a giant watermelon faucet. So right now, let’s go. – [Devan] You want it flat enough to stand up. Next step is to cut a three inch hole in the top. – When doing this, be very careful and maybe even ask for someone else’s help. Time to remove […]

Poltergeist Activity Caught On Video. REAL Ghost Caught On Tape In Kitchen. Part 1

Poltergeist activity begins at 20 seconds

$10,000 COOK-OFF #2: Must See Genius Food Hacks – Best Gallium VS Target Hack Wins Challenge

– We’re making three different dishes. The winner gets $10,000. But, this cook off has a huge twist so let’s go. You challenged us to make a pizza, but here’s the twist. We’re not allowed to use a rolling pin, a pan, a knife, or a can opener. So, let’s go. I’ve got a whole […]


have I had ED problems? // Mental Health Update

she's back when I 5000 mental health Mondays hello everyone my Bubbe's hey welcome back to my channel welcome back to another mental health Monday's I feel like I haven't spoke to you in forever like literally forever I don't know why I just feel like I haven't sat down I made a video in […]

Food or Not Food Challenge

Oh hello everybody I am here at a fancy restaurant today and we're gonna play a game called fake food versus real food where the waiter gives me either a fake food or a real food you're gonna find out let me check the menu first hmm excuse me um I grabbed the number one […]


growing up so fast I think we're almost ready for another baby are you boys still excited to make slime I'm about to make a Hot Wheels track out of my [Applause] look at look at you guys we just woke up we just came out here a giant cockroach in the house we got […]

We Ate Worms, Brains, and Hair! | Gummy VS Real Challenge #1

Ohhhhhh No No No No No He doesn't want to be eaten Which would you rather eat, A gummy pizza, or a real pizza? How about a giant gummy worm or a real worm? Let's find out on real or gummy! All right, here we go! *spin* Brain. It's from my favorite animal to eat! […]

CVC's Homemade Potato Salad, Mama's Best Southern Cooking from Scratch

oh hi so they're a little bit brown still be good anyway there goes our peppers and onions into it so now we're just going to stir all this up together heyyo it steamy with Carvelli cooks today I'm making my potato salad I've already cut up the potatoes and boiled them we're gonna chop […]