Couples Try Guessing Each Other’s Cooking

– It doesn’t suck. – Did you even take a bite? – What are you used to eating?! This better be some culinary masterpiece. – Ohhh, it’s hot! (coughs) – (laughs) Yeah, this is Caden for sure. – (Caden laughs) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you are going to be guessing your […]


♪ (French music) ♪ – (Finebros) So today you’re gonna be reacting to this. – Oh gosh. Sushi. – Sushi! It’s sushi!!! – I love sushi. – I had this before. It’s tasty. – I don’t really like fish. – (Finebros) What do you see? – I see rice. I see guacamole. – Crab meat […]

College Kids React To The Top 10 Richest Fast Food Chains of 2019

– This is the highest-selling? – Oh, she’s beautiful. Puts Popeye’s to shame. Is that blasphemous? – Every time a McDonald’s restaurant opens, an angel gets its wings. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, Dominic, we are about to put your fast food knowledge to the test. – Mm. Sounds good. I’m actually really […]

5 Ways You’re Cooking Pasta Wrong

– Come on, glue! – (FBE) Wow. – Oh-ho-ho-ho! – I gotta, you know… (laughs) salt bae it up in here. – Look at that. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, on a scale from one to 10, how would you rank your ability to make pasta? – I’m gonna say 10. Pasta’s an […]

GUESS THAT FOOD: Bob’s Burgers Burgers! (In Real Life)

– Is this a deep-fried pickle? Oh my gosh, these are the best things in the world. – I know what this is called, I know what this is called! Okay, okay okay. I don’t even need to eat it. But I’m gonna eat it. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) […]

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Marvel Food | People Vs. Food

– Whoa! – Aw, that smells really nice. – Guys, I’m so hungry! – I don’t think I’ve ever had this. – Neither have I, but it looks really good. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Are you guys fans of the MCU? – Yep. – Yep. – Totally. – Absolutely, I’ve seen like every […]

GUESS THAT FOOD: 90’s Nickelodeon Food! (In Real Life)

– (laughs) The ’90s were hilarious! – That tasted like I think boogers would taste like. – Yeah, can we– (both gasp) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be eating SNICK food. – (gasps) Yes! – What’s SNICK? – What!? – Nickelodeon? – Yeah, right? Like, old Nickelodeon. – But like… – (FBE) […]

People Taste Test Puerto Rican Food

– I like to scream, “Puerto Rico!” and that’s about it. (techno music) – I’m expecting beans and rice. – Since it’s a U.S. territory, I think it might be very American. – I’m anticipating a lot of spice. – Oh, I never thought about it. Is it gonna be spicy? It’s gonna be crazy. […]

Trying Celebrity Favorite Candy | People vs. Food

– (gags) Oh my god! Did you see that?! Did you get that? – I should have known that Beyoncé doesn’t eat candy. (laughs) – I’m ready to try the candy of the stars! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (wolf howling) (thunder crashing) – (man laughing maniacally) ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) How do […]

We Re-Created The Great British Bake Off Foods | People Vs. Food

– Look at this, this is amazing. – Mm-hmm. – Holy cow! – (laughs) I was waiting for it to be like flump! (both laugh) – Hold the cake, it’s so… (both scream) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) How do you feel about The Great British Bake Off? – Oh! – Ooh! It’s a […]