Resident Evil 7 | Did Eveline Kill Jack Baker? | Examining The RE7 Green Dream

One of the most confusing scenes from Resident Evil 7 comes when main character Ethan has been cocooned in mold and is in some sort of hallucinogenic state. The game transfers you to a green tinted world, the green dream, where one of the main villains Jack Baker, bad guy, and your main helper throughout […]

Resident Evil 7 Ending | Is Zoe Baker Alive? | RE7 Ending Theory

The moment in Resident Evil 7 where the storyline can take 2 slightly different paths comes when you must make a decisoin on who to save. Your wife Mia, or some random you basically talked to on a chat line on the phone, named Zoe. If the player chooses the strange over the wifey, it […]

Resident Evil 7 | The Story Of Lucas Baker Explained | RE7 Character Recaps

Lucas Baker is a puzzling yet intriguing villain. A Resident Evil 7 fan favorite, this crazy fellow was responsible for some of the most fun “Don’t be like that It’s gonna be fun” and most twisted moments in the game. So what is the deal with the bad seed son of the Bakers and how […]