Eggy Potato Salad

Hi and welcome to The Vegan Corner. We love potatoes; they taste great, they digest extremely well for most people, and they are also one of the most versatile ingredients available in a proper plant-based pantry, especially if you enjoy creating stunning and flavoursome recipes. Now if that’s not impressive enough for you, I do […]

How to Make Gnocchi

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. When it comes to our preferred Italian foods, the following is definitely one of the recipes that comes to mind, which is the one to prepare gnocchi from scratch. Unfortunately, the gnocchi you find in the supermarkets almost invariably contain eggs, which is odd as they are not […]

Raw Food

Humans can be so weird. We’re never content navigating a middle path. It seems we prefer the extremes, the bold positions, the fundamentalist position. In our politics, in our religion, even in our diet. There are those out there who claim to have the one true cure, the one true path, and it’s always an […]

Hellish Moments: Rubbery Scallops | Season 15 Ep. 9 | HELL’S KITCHEN

WAITER: Stacey Dash, too salty. Both of them, undercooked. GORDON RAMSAY: Oh, man. Red team, scallops! Back, Stacey Dash. Who cooked these? ARIEL MALONE: I cooked them, chef. [bleep] -Mash! -Hurry, chef! Coming, chef! 10 seconds. Why is he tossing the mash? Walking mash. GORDON RAMSAY: What– what– what is that? It’s now got dark […]

Pizza Sauce

Hi and welcome to the vegan corner. Here is our recipe for a truly delicious Italian pizza sauce. We are going to share with you the steps we like to follow for perfect pizza sauce at every attempt, and we will also discuss how traditional Neapolitan pizza sauce is prepared in pizzerias all over the […]

How To Eat Yourself To Death (World’s 10 Deadliest Foods)

Hey Thoughty2 here. In large quantities raw cashew nuts can be fatal. They contain a toxin called urushiol. Even cashew nuts sold as raw cashews in super markets have been steamed to remove the dangerous chemical. But cashew nuts are child’s play, some foods can kill you with a single bite, even when cooked. 1. […]

The Shocking Truth about Hybrid Foods and the Raw Food Diet

this is john kohler with today I have another exciting episode for in what we’re going to do today is answer viewers questions so i often get questions over the YouTube email system also on my channel page under the comments and discussion area and today I figured out the answer one of those […]


– It’s me, Mario! Grumpy. I love him! Hi guys! Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really, really, really well. So, just a quick disclaimer, I am not eating real toys or real figurines, this is made with 100% real ingredients, it is completely […]

How to Make Som Tum – Thai Green Papaya Salad ส้มตำ | Taya Kitchen

Hi guys, my name is Taya and welcome to Taya Kitchen. Today we are going to be making Thai green papaya salad. Otherwise known as some Som Tum Thai. it’s definitely It’s definitely one of the most delicious recipe that you can make. Using this little guy here. So let’s get cooking..good looking! To put […]

Beet Greens Recipe …quick and easy

I made the other day this here is a quinoa with beets beet root muy fantastico but we had the beet greens leftover and I also made a little bit of extra quinoa so I got an extra quinoa and I got my beet brand so we’re going to cook up our greens quiche up […]