Simon Baker über seine Wandertour auf den Pilatus

Es ist natürlich wunderschön hier! Jedes Mal, als ich schon vorher hier war, bin ich im See schwimmen gegangen und habe mir die Berge angeschaut. Nur angeschaut? Ja, einfach von hier. Und als ich gestern angekommen bin, habe ich den Leuten, die mich abgeholt haben, gesagt: «Hey, können wir in die Berge?» «Willst Du wirklich […]

An interview with Hak Baker for The Selector Radio

Yeah hello I am Hak Baker and this is me today on The Selector playing a couple of tunes. I grew up in East London, Isle of Dogs, proper old-school East London. That’s why I always tend to write about the good times with my mates, so like our childhood and teenagerhood really which was […]

Handy-Check mit Bastian Baker

Wie wichtig ist mir mein Handy? Es ist schon wichtig, jedoch hauptsächlich für die Arbeit. Die meiste Zeit geht es um geschäftliche Dinge. Angus und Julia Stone höre ich mir oft im Flugzeug an. Und, eigentlich noch lustig… Immer beim Take-Off höre ich mir, ähm, dies hier an: Pirates of the Caribbean, so geil! Also […]

Minsterchef 2019 – Coming Soon!

Welcome to the all new, shiny Malton Cookery School for Minsterchef 2019 with Howarth at Home from Howarth Timber as we get ready for the Malton Food Lovers Festival. Four intrepid Minster FM presenters will battle it out for the title of Minsterchef. Gilly, you’ve set us another challenge. Shall I…? Yeah, go ahead because […]

Full House – Stephanie Drives Joey's Car into the Kitchen

better buckle up I need some driving music whoa stay hey good car P R & D ah that's my radio I'm in the house and I'm still in the car maybe no one will notice hello Michelle does a car a big chicken there is mama she'll come with me you're a lot harder […]


this room smells kind of funny I shower oh oh wait a minute now I know what oh well welcome back I look over there and I smell it's wait a minutes it's the delicious smell of Omaha Steaks the Omaha Steaks sports desk chick McGee uh-huh okay there's our engineer he's the legend of […]

Farming in the City: Joys of Growing Food

Bastian Baker – Sing for you | NRJ MUSIC TOUR WEX

Jerusha Pamela's returned a short song la situación de please the man whatta my gosh no pants on Palestine laser see of where octopus baby baby baby baby the do it if y'all messy yeah let's get it back sir sir the drop-down appears get it back this up okay element was there ran out […]

Donnie Baker Blasts O.J. Simpson for Being on Twitter! And Questions Hungry Strippers!

hey man it's Donnie Baker this ain't premeditated it ain't like I've been preying on it I've just got to say it that came to me sperm in a moment shit dick I got upstairs on tape how you doing God knows I've done some by Holland shit in the waist trip anyways seeing OJ […]

B&T Tonight 6-27-2019: Donnie Baker & Fish In The Gutter

thanks very much for joining us we are live in the NAPA Auto Parts Studios chip with you across the way at the nutria chomps sports desk yeah dogs favorite favorite radio sport shows the chip McGee sports show Thursdays Cosby over there our engineer m83 loves chick Murphy Pat got once over there hey […]