Justin Bieber – Sorry PARODY! Key of Awesome #104

♫ [Sorry, Bieber isn’t here] ♫ This song’s the shit ♫ ♫ It made grown men admit that they’re fans of me ♫ – That’s pretty good. – Catchy. ♫ All of my R’s sound like V’s for some reason, regrettably ♫ ♫ Referee ♫ [sings: “Vefervee”] ♫ These girls dance so jerky, they look […]

God’s Radical Love (Heidi Baker, Martin Smith & Todd White)

For me the gospel is about love. It’s about grace. It’s about the realization that none of us deserve anything. None of us deserve the love of God at all. It’s Him that comes and finds us. It’s like that story of the prodigal son you know where the father welcomes us home and I’m […]

Gosh-e-Fil recipe – Eid Special – poofak ‘Afghan Cuisine’

Ingredients:- 400g All purpose flour, 150g Sugar, 100g Pistachios, 1tsp Yeast, 1 cup Milk(2%), 50g Whole Cardamom.

7 Things To Do This Weekend To Boost Mental Health By Jay Shetty | Podcast : OnPurpose

just as we know what we want our bodies to look like it's important that we know what we want our mind to feel like the mind is a muscle we use every single day to be creative at work to be effective at home to be productive in our own businesses as entrepreneurs or […]

Ralph Smart Diet – "Why I Only Eat One Meal A Day" and foods you've been eating wrong

a lot of you wonderful deep divers keep asking me Ralph have you had breakfast yet no deep divers I still haven't had breakfast yet spoiler alert he sent Finnick waters diving deep once again beautiful deep divers we are out here in the heart of nature baby I hope your day is going good […]


and minimalists hello everybody welcome to the minimalist podcast where we discuss what it means to live a meaningful life with less my name is Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus is out on assignment today that assignment is vacation in Montana so I have I have two guys here with me listen last few […]

Collard Valley Cooks Carrot Cake packed with Ingredients, A Holiday Favorite

hey y'all it's t me with color valley cooks today we are going to mix up a homemade from scratch carrot cake I'm throwing it together I'm gonna prepare these layers so that I can have them lighter for Christmas when I get ready to get them out and ice them and we're gonna start […]

How To MANIFEST THE GOOD LIFE ~ MANIFEST Wealth, Health and Happiness

everybody wants the good life but deep divers a lot of people don't know what is required to live the good life well in this video you're gonna find out peace and Finnick waters diving deep once again beautiful deep divers we are out here in the heart of nature baby such a hot day […]

What I Eat in a Day | Clean Eating Meals | Holistic Health

hey guys and welcome back to my channel I'm Chelsea diamond thank you for being here one of my recent videos I did was about how I stay healthy and I talked a little bit about how I believe in holistic health mind body and soul and when I talked about body I talked about […]