The Foods of the Future

Let’s imagine the food of the future. Did you know that scientists are working to help make the foods you already eat do amazing things for your health? This looks and taste like the same old broccoli you have always loved, but scientists are finding ways to make this broccoli love you back. Broccoli naturally […]

Do you like purple pear pie?! Come cook with The Bumble Nums!

The Bumble Nums Today, the Bumble Nums are going to make Purple Pear Pie But what’s the secret ingredient? Aha! Six purple pears It’s a very special day in the orchard Today is the day that all the pears change color And it looks like Humble, Grumble, and Stumble are already here Hello, Humble Yum […]

I Only Ate Purple Foods For 24 Hours

hey guys I think so for the next 24 hours I will only be eating foods that are at the color purple a lot of people have been doing this on YouTube it’s a very popular format that I also wanted to try for myself to not just experiment it’s also just a cool way […]

Villagers – AVM Shorts Episode 9

*Previously on AVM Shorts…* *Spooky pig man slaps Blue in the face and stabs Green* *GOOD MORINING* *Blue jumps in storage folder* *Blue walks in big portal* *Green gets netherquartz* *Blue sees Purple* *Purple walks in portal* *Everyone follows* Green: I think there’s something in here. Green:Nothing is in there Blue: LOOK!! Blue: I think […]

Animation vs. League of Legends (official)

*applause* SC: Wooh! Blue: That’s not good! Green: Hold on for a little longer! Green: Gah! Yellow: Woooh! Yellow: Yeah! Yellow: Come on, come on CO- All: WOOH! SC: HECK YEA! Blue: What a match! Blue: * Dabs* *applause* *applause continues* *silence* All: *Gasp* SC: play again! One more match! All: One more match! One […]


you've never had I can tell that you never had love until you had mine hey coffee what color we got on the day two big dreams a favorite color for summer easy what do you mean y'all click on a video you've seen the title today we gonna be eating green 24 hours but […]