Cooking Pumpkins – 18th Century Cooking Series S1E2

Soldiers in the 18th Century commonly had short rations and they would supplement their rations and one of the things they would supplement their rations with was pumpkins or sometimes they were called pompions. Today we’re going to take some pumpkins and we’re going to cook them in a couple of different ways. So these […]

The Surprising Origin of Thanksgiving Foods

If you time-warped a few Pilgrims to your Thanksgiving table, they’d probably accuse you of being a witch. [YELLING] But they’d recognize a lot of the food, just bigger, better, and tastier versions of what they ate. Many traditional Thanksgiving foods are scienced up versions of native New World species. What may surprise you is […]

How to Cook With Real Pumpkins | You Can Cook That |

– Hey friends, as you can see, it’s pumpkin season. They’re not just for decorating, folks. Pumpkins are one of the most versatile vegetables you can bring into your kitchen. I wanna show you how to skip the can and use real pumpkin in your fall recipes including this pumpkin cheesecake dip. (upbeat music) Now […]


good morning friends and today I am at Hobby Lobby and I thought that I would kind of walk around and look at all of the full decorations that they have for this year and all of the Christmas decorations and kind of share with you guys what they have for you know ideas this […]

How to Make Jack o Lantern Beef Pies | Halloween Recipes |