Inside China’s Bug-Eating Industry (Part 1)

This is Matthew from VICE’s Brooklyn office. China’s tradition of insect eating is far from mainstream. But recently there’s been a resurgence in the culture. VICE China explores this peculiar industry. This is What we Buy: Bug Eating Industry – Part 1. His shoes should be fine. It’s ok if he wears his own shoes. […]

Vegan, HIGH PROTEIN Side Salad

Vegan, HIGH PROTEIN Side Salad

Alton Brown: Cook Like a Scientist by Questioning the Status Quo

I am constantly surprised by the number of cooking rules, accepted cooking concepts that can and should be broken. And even in the time that I’ve been making shows about food I’ve had to face my own lack of imagination. I used to be a proponent of the old fill a big pot of water […]

How to Cook Protein in Bulk – Chicken & Beef Meal Prep / Cocer Proteína en Grandes Cantidades

what’s going on y’all and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen today’s video is going to be a little bit different it is going to be a step-by-step walkthrough video it’s one of those how-to videos i haven’t done one of these in a long time and with all other recipe writing that […]

Beneto’s Crowdfunding Campaign! Join the food revolution #benetarier

As a fitness enthusiast I had an idea: at the beginning of my master studies a question was haunting me: how can I cover my daily protein dose without having to rely on conventional animal protein sources? Beneto is a conjoined term from the italian ‘bene’ for good and ‘to’ as a more convenient abbreviation […]

Turkey Lettuce Wraps Recipe | Kaiser Permanente

(upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Protein is an essential part of your diet, especially during that midday grind. But picking up a quick lunch on the go can lead to processed meats and carbs in your body. Here’s a delicious, healthy substitute to pack for a day at the office, school, or even a picnic in […]

Super Food Chicken Curry | Jamie Oliver

So I’m going to do a beautiful super food curry from my new cookbook Jamie’s Everyday Super Food. This dish is super exciting because we are going to be steaming cauliflower, we are going to be boiling rice, we’re going to be roasting the chicken we’re embracing herbs, we’re embracing spices this food is going […]

5 Science-Backed Barbecue Tips

[ intro ] It’s summertime for those of us in the northern hemisphere, which means one thing: barbecue season. This style of food prep is a summer favorite because it’s all about heat, flames, and how to control them for the tastiest meat or veggies. And just like your kitchen at home, there’s plenty of […]