Zéro déchet dans sa cuisine mobile sur les fermes du Québec – Kimchi et autres!

To be faithful to ourself is to listen, in the roar of the world, our own murmur and to follow it’s direction. We enter here. It would be amazing to work directly with local farmers! So I talked with Sonia and Etienne, owners of Le Jardin Du Village, And I asked them: -Would you be […]

OMK! See What’s Cooking at Kalen’s Kountertop

Good, morning. Everybody it is SaturKay. Welcome to OMKalen. Now, listen. I saw that you all was up in my comments talking about them Kool-Aid pickles. And I’m still saying I’m not going eat them Kool-Aid pickles. But I have decided to go back to the beginning of time and try an iconic dish. So […]

Food Chains for Kids: Food Webs, the Circle of Life, and the Flow of Energy – FreeSchool

You're watching FreeSchool! No matter where on earth you go, living thingsare connected to each other. From the tiniest of organisms to the largestof creatures, all living things need energy to survive. So where does that energy come from? Well, matter and energy passes from one organismto another, connecting living things like links in a […]

Food for warriors: Making ‘Kulesh’ in a WWII field kitchen – Taste of Russia Ep.2

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Mosques, Cathedrals & Tatar cuisine: Perfect together in spectacular Kazan – Taste of Russia Ep. 26

красиво здесь правда да очень ну хорошо пойдет [музыка] [смех] [музыка] вадим шеф и он будет нас учить делать удивительное блюдо которое называется mazda по татарским понял с запас озу ok привет меня зовут оскар кучера я люблю а главное умею готовить и в русской кухне понимаю чуть больше остальных альмере бесплатно продается оружью мочи […]