The Secrets Behind New York’s Most Famous Spicy Noodle Dish — Prime Time

– We are here at Xi’an Famous Foods to figure out what’s behind one of New York’s most iconic noodle dishes, the famous hand-pulled lamb noodles. – I’m very excited to check it out, so let’s go. (upbeat music) – Lamb is something that we use a lot in our dishes, not just in our […]

Experimenting with a Vietnamese Short Rib Dish That’s Steamed, Grilled and Deep Fried — Prime Time

– And, we’re here. – We are here at Di An Di. And, our friend Dennis has been working on a kitchen experiment that’s about to make it onto the menu. So, we wanna come check it out before it gets there. Let’s go eat short ribs. (sighing) Dennis, thank you so much for having […]

A Diet Cola-Infused Pig Trotter Dish at New York City’s Fish Cheeks — Prime Time

– Guys, today we are at The Meat Hook. We use hocks and trotters in only a couple of ways. Trotters we mostly just sell to ramen shops, and hocks we smoke mostly for soups. – Hock, shank, same thing. Today we’re going to Fish Cheeks. We’re going to have a pork shank stew cooked […]

What Is The Best Way to Deep-Fry a Steak? — Prime Time

♪ We’re talking top round every way ♪ ♪ Talking top round ♪ ♪ Hear me say ♪ ♪ Choo choo talking top round ♪ ♪ Choo choo talking top round ♪ – Today we are going to fry some steaks to see whether we can make a London broil any better. It’s not a […]

Which Is the Best at-Home Charcoal Grill? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– I’m delighted to have the grilling experts Ben and Brent from The Meat Hook. You might recognize them from our sister show Prime Time, but this is the Kitchen Gadget Test Show. – It is? – Today we’re testing three different grills, the Weber, the KUDU, and the BioLite. So pricepoint, the Weber goes […]

What’s The Best Way to Cook Dino Ribs (Smoke vs. Sous Vide)? — Prime Time

– Are we talking short rib? – No, we’re talking dino rib. – That’s a long rib! – It’s a big rib. Today on Prime Time, we’re smoking ribs. We’re sous-viding ribs. We’re gonna see which one’s better. Prime Time! Dino rib is a whole short rib, so the entire bone, cooked whole. So we’re […]

How to Cook Dry Rub Steaks Over a Huge Open Fire — Prime Time

– [Brent] Oh! (laughing) – He’s my mess to clean up every day. Hey. We’re at Maydan today. – We’re gonna make a big fire, and cook some meat over it. – And we’ll talk about life. Let’s go. (rock music) My confidence never wavered. Hey. We’re at Maydan in Washington D.C., with Chris. Chris, […]

Legendary Sushi Chef Masa Invented a New Way to Cook Burgers — Prime Time

– We’re here at Tetsu, where world-renowned sushi chef, Masa has a burger on the menu. – Who does he think he is? – We do burgers in New York, buddy. – We do the burgers in New York. But, we hear great things about him using a specific tool that was built for him, […]