COOKING LESSONS with Adley! Making Breakfast Routine (morning surprise for mystery guests)

(Adley grunts) – [Shaun] Hey, are you trolling your sister? (baby growls) (Shawn growls) You sound like a bear! (Adley squeals) (Shaun growls) He’s crushing you! (drum rolls) (baby squeals) (Shaun squeals) Oh yeah. – [Adley] Oh yeah. I got it now. – Like, right there? – Yup! Good morning vlog! – Good morning! – […]

Kidkraft Modern Island Kids Toy Kitchen – Unboxing, Review and Pretend Cooking with Play Kitchen

New Sky Kids! Both: We’re going to build a kitchen! [relaxing music] Girl2: I’ve got a piece of frame. Girl1: Pancakes! Girl2: No pancakes for you. You’re not allowed to have pancakes anymore. Girl1: Pancakes. Girl2: I like hams. I like hams for breakfast. Greasy, good hams. Girl1: This is like a drum. Girl2: I […]

Kidkraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kids Toy Kitchen – Unboxing,Review and Pretend Cooking

New Sky Kids! Both: We’re going to build a kitchen! -I wonder what color it’s going to be. -I don’t know. -Uh, a phone? -No, it’s… -Does it have games on it? -It’s a clock. -Aww, I thought it was a phone. [making sword fighting sounds] Iiit’s snowing! -Where is it? -There’s a lot of, […]

Baby Doll Kitchen Play Toys! Our Generation kitchen or Journey Girls Kitchen


Alice Pretend Princess & Plays Cooking Food with Kitchen Toy

today is a good day! I’ll go make juice for my sister it is very tasty and useful good morning Isabel ! good morning sister ! this juice for you thank you! I’ll make Breakfast for my sister. first I’ll make smoothies now I’ll make a cake what happened? Oops! what are you doing? I […]

Cooking in the Kitchen – Kids Song – Pretend Play Cooking with Fun Food for Kids

Put your apron on, wash your hands Let’s get out some pots and pans Cups, plates and a wooden spoon Tap, tap, tap, a little cooking tune Cos cooking in the kitchen is so much fun We’re cooking dinner for everyone We’re cooking in the kitchen, baking a cake So many yummy things we can […]


– [Kids] Goo Goo Colors. Goo Goo Colors. (bell ringing) – Food truck, food truck, food truck. Come and get some food. (bell ringing) Food truck, food truck, food truck. – Did someone say food? (upbeat music) (car screeches) – Hello. How may I help you? – Might I have some food, please? – Okay, […]

Anantya & Lavanya PRETEND PLAY Cooking With Minnie’s Kitchen Set .. | #MyMissAnand #ToyStars

I am getting bored I want to do cooking Mumma, could I do cooking ?? No ok then lets do that will you come to my house to do that…. ok coming Till she come l’ll do its unboxing and assemble it and yeah you want to look that toy so hit LIKE to this […]

Kidkraft Kids Toy Kitchen – Unboxing,Review and Pretend Cooking

New Sky Kids! Both: We’re going to build a kitchen! Girl1: She’s pretty good at opening things. And here’s a box. Girl1: We’ve got instructions. Girl2: Blah-blah-blah. Girl1: Blah-blah-blah. I can’t read this. Oh, here are some nails and stuff which is very heavy. Girl2: I know how to do it. But it never said […]

Wendy Pretend Play BAKING Donuts & Cupcake toys with DISNEY Princess Belle Kitchen