Bushcraft In December | Bushcraft Cooking Pot System

It’s December. I’ve got my bushcraft gear with me. We’re bushcrafting in December. Hi folks I’m Craig Taylor and as always a huge thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel the bushcraft Padawan if you enjoy watching this video I’m not yet a subscriber and would like to improve your bushcraft skills then […]

Homewood Heritage – cooking on a cast iron range

Welcome to Homewood! I’m David This is my wife, Penelope and we’d like to show you our stove This is a cast-iron stove all the business parts are cast-iron: the cooking plates, top, the doors, the front, and all the oven panels are cast-iron Cast-iron is very suitable for making stoves out of, it’s the […]

Amish “Thank You ” Casserole

the garden I’m gonna work on a casserole for lunchtime and it is called the Amish thank you casserole so this comes from the cookbook the art of Amish cooking and it is a casserole dish that was meant as a thank-you gift and so it’s gonna be really simple to put together and I […]

Review of Ration Available in SA: Back Country Cuisine 24H Classic Ration Pack Part 2 of 2

Hi This is BlindFox welcome at the second part of the backcountry cuisine plastic ration pack ration review this is not a South African ration I know or made in South Africa this is made in New Zealand I got this in South Africa though I got this from the survivalist or co to za […]

Preserve a Whole Fast Food Meal with SCIENCE

In today’s video, we’re going to see what happens if we take two popular fast food meals, and pull all of the moisture out of them. What’s going to be left? [Music] Guys, we have a new freeze dryer, and you have seen this do at least one really weird thing with it so far. […]

Review of Ration Available in SA: Back Country Cuisine 24H Classic Ration Pack Part 1 of 2

Hi This is BlindFox welcome admiration review before you say black backcountry is not a South African Russian yes I know it’s available in South Africa though it’s made in New Zealand so I’m going to do little series on all Russians not made himself Africa but available in South Africa before we get started […]

How to Start a Prepper Food Pantry

Hi I’m Jaime from Guildbrook Farm let’s talk about how to stock a prepper pantry there are many reasons why i have a prepper pantry things like job loss blizzards ice storms hurricanes and even earthquakes are all things that i have personally experienced in my life where having a stocked pantry has been vitally […]

Two Methods for Preserving Fresh Lemons

Hi it’s Kellene Bishop the Preparedness Pro, and today I’m going to show you what to do with a bounty of lemons. I ordered a 40 pound case of lemons last week from bountifulbaskets.org, and I’m really excited about all of the possibilities. It was one of the things I hadn’t quite figured out what […]

Frugal Crock Pot Meal , all In ONE Dish !

where everyone happy Wednesday I wanted to share with you cooking in the Sun Oven well hello it’s another rainy dreary day and I can’t be in the Sun Oven so it’s going to be another crock pot Wednesday wonder what we’re gonna find that to make in the crock pot today mmm should we […]