Food Court Musical – Musicals In Real Life Episode 1

Number of undercover agents: 16 The mission: Create a spontaneous musical out of nowhere Our hidden cameras are in place and the patrons of this food court have no idea of what’s about to take place #Lemonade!# #spilt across the counter top# #there’s ice and lemons everywhere now# #I’ve gotta clean it up # #Can […]

WHEN FOOD IS LIFE || Are You A Real Foodie? So Relatable by 123 GO!

If you’re a real foodie, you know there’s nothing better than an ice-cold, delicious ice cream bar. Hey Vicky, want a taste? Woah! That’s way more than a taste, girl! One thing’s for sure: if you love food, you don’t always love to share. Whether you eat to live or live to eat, one big […]


Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today, I’m hanging out with my friend Matt. Matt: Hello Universe! Ro: You guys know MatPat Ro: We’ve hung out together, we’ve made– we’ve baked together, I’ve been on your livestream. Ro: It was so much fun. Matt: We’ve sang musical theater together Ro: Yes Ro: She’s there, the countess […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today, I’m hanging out with my friend MatPat! Mat: Hey! Ro: You guys know him, but if you are new to the channel, I’ll be putting his links down below. Ro: So go check out his channel show him some love and subscribe. Mat: Thank you! I’m glad to be back […]

Serving McDonalds to food experts?

Hi there, thank you for tuning in to Lifehunters, My name is Sacha, My name is Cedrique, and today we’ll be visiting the annual food convention in Houten to serve our top of the notch recipes from our high end restaurant to some food experts. The only problem is, we don’t actually own a restaurant, […]

Social Disorder – Cooking with Bugs and Poison | Rooster Teeth

Bem-vindos ao Desordem Social! Semana passada pedimos pra vocês votarem em quem acharam que venceu… E os resultados saíram: O Aaron venceu. Sim! Você deve estar perguntando porque estamos usando esses chapéus idiotas. Sim. No espisódio dessa semana, o Chris e eu testamos nossas habilidades culinárias como anfitriões de aulas de MasterChef! Mas nós fizemos […]


– Hi guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really, really, really well. So, just a quick disclaimer, this is not a real hairbrush. This is fake. It is made with 100% real ingredients and this is a fake champagne bottle. It is not […]

차 보닛에 익힌 달걀 프라이 (몰래카메라) / Cooking Eggs On Stranger’s Car Prank

Today’s still hot. (the hot weather continue) Really hot. I’ve got a parcel. -What’s that? I’ll open this. I just wanted to eat eggs. This look like real sunny side up. Okay… with this… Take these cars little bit. Many cars are here. We’ll see people’s reaction in my car. I’m sorry. It was prank […]

DIY Prank Chocolate Truffles! How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon and today we are making Bean Boozled Chocolate Truffles some some of them are going to taste nice and some are going to taste awful and these lovely YouTubers are going to eat them for me. So let’s just start by introducing you. Let’s start with […]

Le Pire Stagiaire : le pâtissier (version longue)

[Check out Gregguillotin on Instagram. I post exclusive content. This was an ASMR] [For this first episode, we are going in the region of Normandie, in a bakery and pastry shop. Our victim is John. He is the pastry chef of the company. To set this prank up, we reinforced his boss’ complicty, Nicolas. Nicolas […]