Coca cola Kitchen Knife – Sandwich Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR

How to cook Alexa (Official Music Video)

FUNNY SCHOOL SUPPLY DIYS || How to Sneak Gummy Food in Class with 123 GO! GOLD!

oh I can’t see what I’m doing perfect this hair clip will do let me just pull my hair back and clip it right in there no oh major clip fail oh man seriously this just isn’t my day is it ooh sorry girl that’s a bummer if you ever have a classroom clip conundrum […]


Attention all chocolate-fiends! If given the option, would you ever choose anything else over your beloved chocolatey treats? Let’s put your adoration to the test with the ultimate chocolate challenge!! Oftentimes, life leads us on different paths, but sometimes, those paths cross. And it rarely goes smoothly. Uh oh, nothing like a chocolate bar to […]

Iron Chef /Japanese cuisine VS French cuisine 料理の鉄人 日本料理vsフランス料理

If memory serves me right, one’s sense of taste originates from food of one’s country. Tonight two countries have will a cooking battle. Two countries will have a cooking battle tonight here. First let me introduce a challenger from France, Florie. Here she comes. Can a YouTuber from Europe win this battle and prove French […]

FUNNY DIY SCHOOL SUPPLY IDEAS || Sneaking Food In Class And More Hacks by 123 GO!

If you’ve ever gone to school — which is pretty much everyone — you know how awful it is being put on the spot to answer an equation. Pss! The answer’s 5! If you ever need a little help in class, we’ve got some fabulous DIY school supply crafts that are total lifesavers. Ooh, you […]

REAL FOOD VS CHOCOLATE FOOD CHALLENGE || Funny Prank Wars by 123 GO! Challenge

Guys? Anybody home? Oh, no! What happened in here, guys? Mmm, this is sooo good. Where’d you get all this chocolate? Seriously? Do you know how much sugar this is? Wait a second… It’s challenge time!! Okay girls, it’s time to put your love of chocolate to the test. C’mon fork it over. Aw, man. […]

When Mom Cooks Favorite Food (We Get Lit!) | Ranz and Niana

[Applause] [Music] what what blogging okay I don’t know why he’s calling us what this team is what mom anybody what we’re vlogging Anna maybe we could use that for different I’m gonna go to the grocery yeah we could go to the grocery store none okay so mom’s gonna cassini gun and we’re gonna […]

Shira Lazar & Bart Baker