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Dessert: Easy Raspberry Jello Cake Recipe – Natasha's Kitchen

hey everyone it's natasha natashas kitchen calm today I'm going to teach you how to make a raspberry jello cake this recipe is easy it's party friendly it's perfect for a potluck my friend Laura from church shared this recipe with me actually she brought it to a church potluck and I've loved it ever […]

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SNICKERS SALAD Retro Recipe Taste Test

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! Its Emmy. Welcome back to another retro recipe test. Today I'm going to be making Snickers salad. Snickers — as in Snickers bar — salad. So this recipe was recently brought to my attention by my dear friend Amanda who comes from rural Minnesota and she said her mom would make […]

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$192 Desserts • Holiday Special Part 2

so we're back part 2 and we are throwing a holiday potluck that's right we're inviting a bunch of our friends coworkers closest acquaintances to a potluck that we're having a little bit later but today we're going to be seeing some of those desserts that are gonna show up at the bottom of one […]

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