Street Food at Pak-India Border | Bulleh Shah ka Mazar | Famous Andarsay & Falooda | Pakistani Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum, My name is Zia Tabarak & currently I’m on Ring Road, Lahore… …and we’re on our way to Kasur. The city of Kasur is a 1.5 hours drive from Lahore. The reason behind our trip to Kasur is because of Baba Bulleh Shah’s Shrine. There’s also the Ganda Singh Border where a Parade takes […]

How To Choose Kitchen Paint Colors – Kitchen Wall Painting Ideas

[Kitchen Paint Color Ideas: How To Choose Wall Paint Colors] Hi, I’m Nadia Geller, interior designer for Homestyler. [Nadia Geller, Interior Designer] Today, I’m going to show you how to refresh your kitchen with paint. [♪ upbeat music ♪] There are so many options to add color to your kitchen. First, decide on the tone […]

Masha and The Bear – Jam Day (Episode 6)

Bear! Check out what I can do! Hop! Great! Oh, wow! Easy now! Yummy, yummy. Something’s missing though. Maybe add some salt? Boo! Bear! Look at me! I’m an astronaut! All systems go! We have lift-off! Phew! Ouch! My ears, my ears! I think my ears are OK. Let me help you. Bear, I’ll come […]

PIXAR FEST FOOD ADVENTURE (2018) – Pizza Planet | Cafe Orleans | Lucky Fortune Cookery

ready, ready for Disney, I got new ears for Pixar fest because one they’re like really adorable they have like the little aliens super cute oh there’s a bee not a bee I don’t do bee’s what is it bees today they know it’s spring and like and then it’s like windy so then they […]

Why Is Instant Hot Chocolate So Lumpy?

Instant hot chocolate never seems to want to mix. Stir as much as you like—you’ll never get rid of those lumps of mix. It’s nearly impossible, and all because of starch. Instant hot chocolate mix often contains several starchy ingredients, like cocoa powder, milk powder, and corn starch. When those come into contact with water […]

5 Minutes Rich Flavoured Egg Masala | Easy Cooking | Bachelors Salu Kitchen Recipe

hi 11 sanity Chilika solo yeah Samira evening anti-iraq Angola is the taste or would it Allah would toss them when a needle chair cannot only read the ingredients in life my turtle Anna how it tastes – maja people it tastes janitor muhammad imran you would trust iraq Minooka yoyo muscle in the command […]

Lahore Street Food | Butt Karhai | Desi Murgh and Mutton Butter Karhai | Pakistani Street Food

Fiqay ki Lassi & Sadiq Halwa Puri | Lahori Nashta | Pakistani Street Food

Old Street Food of Lahore | Delhi Gate | Famous Nan Khatai | Pakistani Street Food

Asalam-u-Alaikum my name is Zia Tabarak. I am currently in Lahore and this is the Delhi Gate. During Mughal period the Walled City of Lahore used to have 13 gates… …and Delhi Gate is one of them. It's known as Delhi Gate because it opened in the direction of Delhi… …and people used this gate […]

Chef FIRED After Gordon Ramsay Inspects Kitchen!! | Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell and Back

yeah is there a difference between long back ribs and baby back ribs see you pull the you know tit disgusting oh my god really Wow after studying the surveillance footage I already know some of the atrocities are about to find in Steve's kitchen this is all disgusting there's no question about it come […]