Red, White, and Blue Desserts to Bring to Your 4th of July Celebration!

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Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Dessert Bowls – Fully Edible | My Cupcake Addiction

hey guys it's Elise and welcome back to my cupcake addiction today we're making Ferrero Rocher dessert bowls these are unbelievably easy but they're an amazing dessert to serve to your guests let's get started the thing is you're gonna need it I'm gonna leave everything you need on the my cupcake addiction website so […]

RAINBOW HEART CAKE | Surprise Inside Valentine's Dessert | My Cupcake Addiction + Nestle Toll House

hey guys it's Elise and welcome back to my cupcake addiction today I am super excited to team up with Nestle Tollhouse and bring you guys an amazing rainbow love heart surprise inside bundt cake this is perfect for Valentine's Day but this is also an amazing cake to share all year round the things […]

Dessert Tables 2016

Raspberry Dessert Cups with White Chocolate Cheesecake – Recipe by Cupcake Addiction

hey guys it's Elise and on today's episode I'm serving up a delicious recipe for white chocolate and rug very little cheesecake shooters let's get started now as always I'm going to leave all of your ingredients conversions and measurements in the description box below but you're going to need some cream so I'm using […]

How to Make MARSHMALLOW FONDANT – The Best Fondant Recipe for Cakes and Cupcakes

hello and welcome to cupcake addictions doing the self marshmallow fondant recipe in tutorial in the past I haven't made my own fondant I've always preferred to use store-bought fondant and for some things I still do but recently I've started experimenting with homemade marshmallow fondant and I absolutely love it this is made out […]