Fiqay ki Lassi & Sadiq Halwa Puri | Lahori Nashta | Pakistani Street Food

બજાર કરતા સરસ પાણીપુરીની પુરી ધરે બનાવો | Pakodi Banavani Rit | Panipuri ni Puri

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Best Halwa Puri of Dhamthal, Karachi | Inside the Kitchen | Pakistan Street Food

Hello Guys ! I am Zia Tabarak with another episode of Street Food PK. Karachi's weather is amazing today… seems like it's gonna rain right now and it might till afternoon. It's early in the morning right now and it just drizzled here… …and if the weather is this nice and you don't go out […]

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Awesome Indian Food Manila: Swagat Home Cooked Indian Cuisine The Columns Makati Review

Indian cuisine is usually quite expensive in Manila but we found a reasonably priced Indian halal restaurant that does not serve beef or pork it's called swagat which means welcome in Hindi and is located at the columns residences in Makati it was first open in the gossipy bitch in 2003 by Indian Couple Kamal […]

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Mumbai STREET Food Tour – Bombay Sandwich + Pancham Thali + Sardar Pav Bhaji

welcome to Mumbai, a city of dreams, the financial capital of India and a huge streetfood hub. We will start our day with Bombay Sandwich and cutting chai. Come along with us. Bhaiya one Bombay sandwich please Its butter inside and butter outside and more butter while grilling served along with green chutney made of […]