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TikTok. ADHD in app form. Kids these days use it for everything, from making jokes to sharing stories, and now even political activism. But now a new viral TikTok has some people wondering if there should be a limit. How much is social media a part of some kids’ lives? Well, in the case of […]

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welcome back to the point i’m your host of my rocky more and i am pleased to welcome dean baker to sandy malcolm dean are you there be a shipping clerk i tam well how are you reading hand-in-glove list and dina sequestering shenanigans trails um… inaudible the question my guess is more likely to […]

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Coolinary part of Russian-Chinese negotiations. When the official activities are completed, Vladimir Putin invited Xi Jinping take part in Russian cuisine. We pour it in… Here? You have such a neat pancake, and mine… Now the filling… – This is red caviar. – Correct. They are different kinds. They are suggesting us to eat with […]