Ask Meguiar’s: Can I Use Dish Soap to Wash My Car?

A lot of people think soap is soap, but dish soap is a degreaser which strips off wax protection and the vital oils on your vehicle’s paint. Over time, this promotes oxidation. Our car wash soap is specifically designed to remove dirt while not stripping away your wax and essential oils.

Chicago’s Best Pierogi: Kasia’s Deli

with such a large Polish population in Chicago it’s no wonder that so many of you guys jumped onto Facebook and told us we need is against Ukrainian Village to cash as deli for some traditional polish comfort food all right Chris if you’re a pole from Chicago or even for just a regular Chicago […]

Ciasto Niebo (z jabłkami i orzechami)

Hi! Today we’re going to make Polish ‘Heaven’ Cake with apples and nuts. It is a traditional, popular Polish layer cake with shortcrust, apple filling and nut buttercream. In my version, there are also biscuits and tasty chcocolate ganache. Start by preparing the crust Mix flour, powdered sugar, baking powder and cold butter Rub in […]

Polish Cabbage Patties

Granny’s hear is all messed up. Let me close the door. Don’t film window sills They are disgusting. Mh. I don’t have place to put everything. So, hello everyone and welcome to MO’s kitchen and on this episode we will make Polish cabbage patties. We will need several products to make them. Pork meat. Pork […]

Borscht (Borsch) Russian and Ukrainian Beet Soup Recipe

Hello and welcome to our channel! Today we will cook Borsch (Borscht) Traditional Ukrainian and Russian beetroot soup List of ingredients you may see here or In the description bellow this video We will start with cooking meat stock Rinse meat and put in a big pan with cold filtered water Add carrot, onion, bay […]

Antoni Porowski – Celebrating Food as a Love Language with “Antoni in the Kitchen” | The Daily Show

Thank you for having me. So good to finally have you on the show, um, as a fan of what you do on Queer Eye, as a fan of your cooking. I’ve been lucky enough to taste your cooking, and then when I heard you were coming out with a cookbook, I was like, this […]

Pierogi and the Best of Polish Street Food at a Former Gentleman’s Hotel — Cooking in America

We’re right outside of Detroit in the town called Hamtramck and we’re going to Polish Village Cafe that’s still holding on to its heritage. Hello it smells amazing in here How long you cooking in here? – Ten years because I come in America ten years ago and come here nd this only – Only […]

Polishing a Rusty Knife

Hey guys. So the other day, I went to a recycle store to get rid of some of my stuff. And when I went to the store, there was a guy who was trying to sell his stuff. And one of the things he was trying to sell was this traditional Japanese knife. But because […]

POLISH // Polish Dishes Explained + Polish Food // ItsEwelina

welcome back to my channel my name is Avelina and in today's video I'm going to tell you all about Polish dishes and Polish food so whether you are traveling to Poland or maybe you are already in Poland or it may be live somewhere where they have Polish festival and you would like to […]