Cooking with Us – e04 – Chili

Hi, and welcome to Cooking with Us. Despite the fact that I’m wearing a sundress, it’s actually quite chili outside, so we’re going to make chili! So we’re starting off with 1.5 pounds of 90% lean ground beef. While I’m browning this, Theron is gonna start chopping up some onions for me. “D’oh!” Theron’s chopping […]

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Hi, I’m Melissa Clark. I’m a food reporter for The New York Times and I write cookbooks – lots of them! Because I really love to cook and I want you to really love to cook. Which is why I’m hosting the new podcast, Weeknight Kitchen with The Splendid Table. In every episode, you can […]


While France is going through a very tense Presidential election… While the political context is explosive… While every French person has their eyes set on their country’s fate… Norman publishes an opinionated, extremely controversial video, which will change everything. WRONG! Uh no, it’s a video about waiters. In cafés and stuff… So what? Are you […]

Voice of Lisa Simpson Talks True Crime & 30 Years of The Simpsons | Treat Yourself |

– I’m Yeardley Smith and you might recognize me as the voice of Lisa Simpson. Today, I’m actually going to decorate this cookie like Lisa Simpson. (energetic piano music) I actually needed a picture of Lisa Simpson to try to do it properly, because I actually tried to draw Lisa Simpson freehand for my Twitter […]


France: the country of gastronomy with its flavours, its products, its wine, and especially its acclaimed chefs who are among the best in the world. The citizens of this culinary heaven must be so savvy and talented and among the greatest culinary wizards, all winning the Cordon Bleu. WRONG! Al dente! I don’t know about […]

Ukrainian podcast #5 Ukrainian cuisine/Українська кухня. SLOW UKRAINIAN + SUBTITLES

Всі іноземні туристи, які приїжджають в Україну, знайомляться з її національною кухнею. Українська кухня різноманітна та унікальна. Вона має багату історію та славиться у слов’янських країнах. Українська кухня має багато смачних страв, але, мабуть, найпопулярнішим є борщ. Борщ – це овочевий суп, який готується із додаванням буряка, капусти, томатів, цибулі, картоплі та м’яса. Також туди […]


Thank you. Ah shit! If you really want to stay healthy, eat raclette. FALSE! Recently I had some friends over for raclette And it’s true that this dish has a lively, enjoyable side to it that brings everyone happiness. Except that every time the same things happens: There is always this idiot who puts the […]

La bouffe – Cyprien

I don’t get how someone called “fruits de mer” (seafood), fruits de mer if there has to be one thing that doesn’t look like a fruit, it must be this someone, somewhere thought : Ah, it looks a bit like a pear… really With the.. propo… the color ! No I think I have a […]