Good morning plumbers As you know, we do everyday plumbing. The good, the bad and the ugly All while training my two sons the plumbing trade and guess who’s here today AB and the next plumbing adventure is a faucet, a kitchen faucet. I thought it was a faucet replacement, It’s a faucet repair I’m […]

KITCHEN SINK WASTE – How To Install Step by Step

– Hey guys, welcome to today’s UK video. And my name is James. Today we’re gonna be having a look at the peril that you can sometimes get, as you can see, when you are trying to do the instal of a kitchen sink. Now we’re gonna be looking at a bowl and half […]

How to Replace A Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer, Repair Leak

– Hello my DIY friends, Jeff here again. We have a good video for you today, and I know why you’re here. You’re probably here because you have a leak in your sink drain, in your kitchen sink drain. So, you probably got water dripping down from this point here. It’s coming down from up […]

Plumbing Services – Baker Brothers Plumbing & Air Dallas, TX

Hi, I’m Jimmie Dale, CEO of Baker Brothers Plumbing and Air. We are a full-service residential plumbing and AC company serving the Dallas area since 1945. With Baker Brothers we also have some of the best warranties in the industry. We feel like all companies make mistakes but how we correct those mistakes defines a […]

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let's get started by removing this old stove to give us some room to work beautiful I'm going to turn off the hot and cold water and break the drain connections alright good under the dishwasher Tommy I'm just breaking the water the drain and the electrical yeah you ready yeah go alright now we […]

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all right well if we're going to replace the sink there's a couple choices nowadays one is an under counter mount sink and that thing would sit underneath the counter and it would require a nice clean edge on the countertop now this is laminate here if I was to pull this sink out we […]

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Richard thanks for coming glad to be here now your email said something about a kitchen faucet this must be it this is it all right so what's cooking what's going on well if you turn it on there you'll see that we've got a leak the water comes up and out through the bottom […]