Joker’s “Cold, Cold Heart” Music Video (Troy Baker) – Batman: Arkham Origins

Я так стараюсь, мой дорогой, показать тебе, что все мои мечты лишь о тебе. Но ты все равно боишься, что всё, что я делаю – это просто какой-то дьявольский план. Воспоминания из твоего одинокого прошлого разделяют нас. Почему я не могу избавить тебя от сомнений и растопить твое ледяное сердце? Другое преступление, что было до […]

Nolan North and Troy Baker Could've Been At A BBQ This Independence Day

[Applause] I like 1st or 2nd grade miss Valero there was a girl that would have the biggest buildup no mr. Flair was no miss you clear you're not hot with me like mr. Flair Flair fellatio no lair no no Larry oh that literally this is at a Southern Baptist small private school look […]

Nolan North and Troy Baker Versus Robocop Versus The Terminator

I'm gonna start a little so that I like golf should I hmm no you've already done that once don't do it again okay say Bert it was a bit drunk you know we didn't think we didn't think drunk alone only became a thing drunk old lowly what I love is that grace grace […]

Teaching Aaron How To Cook! [COOKING SIM]

okay so Jason you know how great of a cook I am I've made many memories for you first of all I am the great cook okay you wrote it into your scripts I am the best cook let me show you how it's done okay fine show me awesome what do you do what's […]

COOKING SIMULATOR feat Chef Tiny || Mastering the Art of Cookery

funny moaning Oh hold up I didn't adjust the bike hold up hold up hold up let me know if the audio is too loud how is everyone music finale put you to sleep welcome to you welcome you came to hear the accent hello how are you I'll stop singing to you soon bye […]

Nolan North and Troy Baker are Running from Boulders in Crash Bandicoot

Human Fall Flat – WE MUST ESCAPE THE KITCHEN! (Funny Moments)


Oh buddy what's going on everyone's euro me alone Austin Alex and Asia and welcome welcome to an awesome episode of big fight with 300% health 3% else's problem with my favorite model solutions that we put on this game because all sorts of wild wacky stuff tends to happen and it also takes forever […]

Nolan North and Troy Baker Go Boom Shakalaka on NBA JAM!

we drink this I drink coffee oh really I see something just to live something better what do you have check this out John wait wait wait yep yep yep yep yep check it out it's retro replay whiskey that says Nolan oh oh hold on we have a card yes we do you see […]