Baby Doll Kitchen Play Toys! Our Generation kitchen or Journey Girls Kitchen


Unboxing the Minnie Mouse Sweet Surprise Kitchen Toys with the Assistant

hey there's Minnie Mouse so what is it oh yeah we've got hoods you gotta love it yeah you can put together for me yeah alright let's put it together whoa sister look at all those pieces really we need a finish put it together don't we yeah let's go hey you did a great […]

Play Doh Spinning Treats Mixer Desserts & Sweets Playset!

hey everyone welcome back to awesome our kids today I'm super excited to bring you this play-doh kitchen creation set this one's called the spinning treats maker look at those desserts they look good enough to eat wow there's so many molds on this set I can't wait to get started let's open it this […]

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Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen or Journey Girls Gourmet Kitchen

in this video I'm comparing two dog gourmet kitchen sets side-by-side one from journey girls and the other from our generation you can find the journey girls kitchen set at Toys R Us and you can find the our generation kitchen set at Target the journey girls kitchen retails for $69.99 and it comes with […]

Just Like Home Toy Microwave Oven Play Kitchen Set!

hey everyone awesome Disney toys here and today I'm bringing you up just like home microwave you can actually try it out before even opening it that's pretty cool looks like we have some chicken in the microwave I can't wait to microwave other things the back of the box shows a difference that's we […]

Learn Food Names with a Toy Kitchen Playset and Velcro Foods!

Feeding Mr. Play Doh Head McDonalds Happy Meal Using Toy Microwave!

hi I'm really hungry I can really go for a McDonald's Happy Meal right now can you get one for me hmm I can't go get a McDonald's Happy Meal right now but I do have something similar let me show you check it out it's a junior box I got earlier today they gave […]

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