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Food King Singapore: We Found The Most Divine Beef!

Food King Singapore: Top 3 Places For Thai Food In SG

particle and okay everybody welcome to okay we are gonna be doing it by episode and I'm so excited I but everybody's nice so of course because it's a episode today we're gonna go and try a food of all different price for a different whingers yeah somebody comment we are right here oh I […]

How to cook Quail – Cooking With Treyvaud

okay guys this is quite possibly the darkest thing I've done yet all these so-called celebrity chefs talking about local produce this local produce that forget about the boys that's so last decade this year it's all about bringing it back to where it started from and now I'm here about 150 feet open a […]

Food King Singapore: Romantic Dining With A View!

why hello there it's Friday that means it's another episode of and today we are showing you all the places that you can bring for your hot and spicy date anniversary or Valentine's Day yes most of them have a fantastic view and also today right I have something to share with you guys okay […]

McDonalds Happy Meal 2018 Happy Places Shopkins Petkins + Surprise Blind Bags

[Laughter] are you so excited about right now has giant petkins and I'm so excited so we're gonna be checking it all whole bunch of surprise petkins right here right now let's go this time when I went to McDonald's they had different ones so I was able to get different packs we have more […]

Food King Singapore: Japanese Food With A Twist! (WIN A TRIP TO TOKYO!)

because it reminds me of my childhood like this all-in-one new there I know a lot of you guys if some us and then you bring back to the office then your anything that you eat that kind of thing it's very good so we're gonna show you some happy benthos there are also this […]