🌼 DIY Gelatin Flowers, Corinne VS Cooking

I’m hoping that the lighting is so good thaaat…I won’t have to put any makeup on. Or even brush my teeth. Well, hello again Internet! Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne vs. Cooking. Oh wintertime… It’s a new year, technically. It’s cold outside. There’s not a flower in sight But today I’m gonna be showing […]

🌋 DIY Pasta Volcano!!! – Corinne Vs Cooking

Well, hello there again, Internet. It’s been a while since we’ve done this whole thing here, and I’ve missed you. I really have. You know things have just been so crazy at the house It has zapped all of my creative energy and honestly I haven’t really been that inspired to do any other DIY […]

DIY Jiggly Cheesecake, Corinne VS Cooking

What up Internet? Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne Vs. Cooking! Today, we’re gonna be trying to make Jiggly Cheesecake. Rob: Da f*&* is Jiggly Cheesecake? You know what? I didn’t really know until I did a little bit of research and found this video and now I get it. Now I get it. Y’all […]

Halloween Recipes and Decorations | DIY Easy Halloween Treats By So Tasty

Halloween Recipes and Decorations | DIY Easy Halloween Treats By So Tasty Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoy & like it!


[singing] Chestnuts roasting… What up, Internet? Corrine here, and you’re watching Corrine vs Cooking! Holiday Edition. Yeah, that’s right, I said “holiday.” Get over it. What there needs to be is a war on stupid. Today, we’re going to be making cookies for Santa! ‘Cause Santa is the m*therf*cking jam! I’m going to try to […]

DIY Cauliflower Grilled Cheese, Corinne VS Cooking #17

Well hello there again, Internet! Corrine here, and you’re watching Corrine vs. Cooking! Today I’m gonna be attempting… THE CAULIFLOWER GRILLED CHEESE. Yeah. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? I happen to f***in’ love cauliflower and I’ve been seeing this goddamn cauliflower grilled cheese creation all over my Facebook feed for the past couple days and I […]

Homemade Bread – SUPER Easy and Delicious!

Welcome to Pins and Things! Today We’re going to be making this super easy and delicious homemade bread what you’re going to need is 2/3 cup sugar one and a half tablespoons of yeast one and a half teaspoons of salt 1/4 cup oil 6 cups of flour and 2 cups of warm water first […]

DIY Kitchen Nightmare – Man Vs House Ep.#3

Hey, hey you’re watching Man vs. House! Welcome back to the show welcome back to our house! Yeah, a lot has changed since the last time we were here, a lot of work has gone on inside Bob, our contractor, actually just called us, and he didn’t sound very excited. I’m a little nervous for […]

Easter Bunny Cake

Welcome to Pins and Things. Today, we’re going to be making this adorable Easter bunny cake. What you’re going to need is two 9-inch round vanilla cakes, a large piece of cardboard covered in tin Foil, some vanilla Frosting, some colorful Jellybeans Some sweetened coconut flakes, some mini Marshmallows, three egg-shaped chocolates and some food […]

13 Amazing Kitchen Organization Ideas! (Cheap and Easy)

Learn how to organize your life with 13 of the best kitchen storage ideas you can’t miss. Tip 1: Do you have a huge pile of grocery bags lying around? Here’s a creative solution. Keep them organized and easily accessible in a wipes container. Truly an easy kitchen storage solution that will save on precious […]