TIPS TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Mental + Physical Health | Jaiden Ashlea

everyone's saying back with another frickin video I so so it's been a while it really hasn't been that long but it's been long enough for me to say it's been a while today I'm going to be filming a healthy lifestyle kind of videos so I'm trying to kind of get more motivational if […]

Health Hazards of Junk Food — The Doctors

my health habits aren't great but I look fine well Massa actually joins us and you told our producers you can relate to this I can totally really I mean I just love food in general and pizza burgers fries but why why should I change my diet if I'm comfortable with myself when I […]

5 Ways To Live A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE | Health, Wellness & Happiness

just don't get it just forget it hello everyone and welcome back to my channel my name is Rene thank you guys so much for clicking and watching this video today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys five ways in which you can live a healthier lifestyle so the first step that we […]

Jen Tries To Be Super Healthy For 24 Hours • Ladylike

I think this is bad for me like a lot of young people I think I take my health for granted I don't get enough sleep my diet realized too heavily on grilled cheeses and I spend a lot of my workday sitting on my ass recently I was a doctor and I found out […]

What Your Acne Says about Your Health

what if what if your blemishes could talk could they expose internal health problems a widely circulating internet internet post says yes where you break out can reveal what is wrong with you so we're asking can I call you dr. pimple popper yes he's our yeah yeah dr. Sandra Lee what is the real […]