Basil Pesto Pasta Sauce Recipe 바질 페스토 파스타 소스 만들기

Hello, today I am making simple 5-ingredient basil pesto pasta sauce. First, add 1 cup of packed basil leaves into a food processor. Today I am using a mini processor because I am making pesto only for 4 (pasta) dishes. Then process until coarsely blended. Pesto can be made with mortar and pestle, which is […]


Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it is Barry here, today I am showing you how to make your very own homemade pesto plus following it up with some chicken and gooey mozzarella for a pesto cheesy chicken bake that you will love that is so easy to make you […]

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hello lovelies Happy New Year I'm so excited to welcome 2019 I hope everyone had a great holiday but of course if you're anything like me you probably did some overindulging which means it is time to get back on track and I could not be more excited to announce how I'm going to help […]

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