Star Baker Dessert Week: Linda Longson | The Great Canadian Baking Show

DAN: So, bakers, I have the fun job this week of announcing star baker. Congratulations, Linda. [cheering & clapping] LINDA: Star baker! It was great. It was a good week for me. Really good week for me. ROCHELLE: I’m so thrilled for Linda. She has just brought all her experience, all her patience… Her skills […]

Kolache Queen | Nebraska Stories

♪ Music ♪ Narrator: In Northeast Nebraska in the small town of Morse Bluff lives royalty. Narrator: In fact, some call her the queen. Nadine Racek: Yes, I earned the title of Kolache Queen. Narrator: For over 50-years, Nadine Racek has been mixing, kneading & baking delicacies that have traveled the world. Racek: I received […]

Cooking With Us – e16 – Chimney Cakes

Hi, and … to another cooking with us. Oh you’re baking huh? mhm. We’re gonna try making… or Chimney Cakes. Now if you don’t know anything about chimney cake, basically it originates from the Transylvanian region of Romania, that used to be owned by Hungary… So it’s kind of a Hungarian-Romanian dish, and it’s delicious! […]

Star Baker Holiday Week: Vandana Jain | The Great Canadian Baking Show

DAN: This week’s star baker is… Vandana. For the second time in a row. [clapping] VANDANA: Star baker twice! Can’t believe it. I am so shocked right now. [laughs] Yeah. Haven’t absorbed that yet at all. ROCHELLE: Vandana as star baker for the second week in a row is absolutely the right decision. She deserved […]

The Accidental Baker

All of Durham is really quirky. People from Raleigh and Chapel Hill kind of like to talk dirt about Durham. We’re like, we’re just different, y’all. All right, well let’s get on breakfast. Oh, what’s in the laundry Courtney? AJ’s stuff is in the laundry. You need to talk to him. I should have Erica […]

How to eat a Passion Fruit! with Raihana's Cuisines

hello everyone welcome back to another great episode of her house cuisines today I think you can tell by the smile on my face that I'm super excited and went to one of my Asian stores today and I did not expect it at all at this time of the year to find passion food […]

Indu!ge Desserts | Bakery in Seattle

at indulge desserts our custom cupcakes and desserts are elegantly designed and the most delicious tasting treats you'll ever have visit us today

Chocolate Chip Sweets: Celebrated Chefs Share Favorite Recipes

hello i am Tracy's a bar baker jeweler and author i want to share my passion for desserts with you in mind the cookbook chocolate chips weeds the idea for the book came to nail I was alone in the kitchen with a bag of dark chocolate chips and wanted to bake something sweet I […]