Italian Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 757

Hi guys! I’m Laura Vitale, and on this episode of Laura in the Kitchen I want to share with you one of my favorite, favorite, favorite childhood dishes that we make here so much during the hot months and it’s my Tuna Pasta Salad. There is no mayo involved, it has got a lot of […]

3 Pasta Dishes at 3 Effort Levels | 1 Pot | 5 Ingredients | Chef’s Recipe

– We are Sorted, a group of mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way. (laughing) We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals, and a whole world of stuff for you to explore. But everything we do starts with you. Happy […]


Hi guys welcome back to the Italian Food Boss. Today we are gonna cook a dish which is gonna be phenomenal! Very simple: pasta all’amatriciana! Before we go on into the recipe I just want to remind you guys: subscribe to my youtube channel, follow me on instagram, follow me on facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok […]


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Cheesy Beef Pasta by MJ’s Kitchen | English subtitled | beef macaroni

All praises to (ALLAH (S.W.T.), the most Merciful, the most Gracious Peace be unto you. Welcome to MJ’s Kitchen & today’s recipe is Kid’s favorite Cheesy Beef Pasta make any shape of pasta that your kids like let’s start to make cheesy beef pasta we need: boiled pasta I took one pack of 400 gram […]

How To Make The Creamiest Fettuccine Alfredo You’ll Ever Eat | Delish Insanely Easy

– When you’re craving something creamy and carby and delicious, there’s nothing better than a big bowl of fettuccine Alfredo. I’m gonna show you how to make my favorite. Can I just say this recipe is so easy. The measurements are a half a cup of butter, a half a cup of cheese, and a […]

Henry’s Family Style Baked Spaghetti (Legacy Edition) || Henry’s Kitchen

– Hi, I’m Henry Phillips and I’ve been cooking for almost six years now, and I’ve been teaching it for even longer. And when the folks at Thrillist approached me about making my own master chef class, I took this as an opportunity to share the vast amounts of knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the […]

Is the Philips Pasta Maker the Best Home Pasta Extruder? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– I’m thrilled to be joined by a very special guest, the Phillips pasta maker! So, this Phillips pasta maker is basically your all-in-one noodle maker that mixes, kneads, extrudes your dough. So basically, you can make a whole bunch of different pasta and noodles in just a few minutes. Alright, to get straight in, […]

Basil Pesto Pasta Recipe

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel. Today we’re making Basil Pesto Pasta. It’s a very fresh tasting pasta dish filled with good quality ingredients. Pesto is simple to make, which makes this pasta dish perfect for weeknight meals or lunches. So if you would like to learn how to make it then lets […]

How Cooking Can Help Solve the Water Crisis | Epicurious

The problem with water is simple. There’s not enough of it. Sure, in many places, the grass is lush, and water seems to flow, or even overflow. But it may not always be that way. Because as weather patterns change, droughts will happen more often, and in more places. And at the rate Americans use […]