Mediterranean Recipes: How to Make Ratatouille

[Music]>>How to make ratatouille [Music]>>This tutorial will show you step by step how to make ratatouille, a wonderful vegetable stew from Provence. Take your time with this recipe. Precooking the vegetables separately, and draining them, keeps their flavors and textures distinctive. Adding peppery basil just before serving makes it more lively. For the ratatouille you […]

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Breakfast is a vital meal!

뭐 웨이 치 킥스 올 rod 왔어 물길을 바빠 다 지맥 였을 보우 마싸 없애 인 앱이 vers le set laser our mom 에이즈 제일 행복 알겠어 내 멋쩍게 빼는 좀 빨리 2k x 올 여름에 잘 먹었습니다 왜냐 없이 르 반 가 워 2 손이 이런 몰링 배차 유주 발이 내 얘기를 하며 낫은 […]

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ASMR (ROLEPLAY) Girlfriend Makes A Meal Plan and Helps Solve An Issue

hi so I know it's really late but I think we do a meal plan again yeah well since I'm leaving I don't want you to think oh my goodness look she's having a time do you hear him but do you think that we get over a meal plan at least for two weeks […]

Origami Easter Egg Box Tutorial – Paper Kawaii

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