Village Food in Pakistan – Chicken Curry by Grandma + COW DUNG Tandoori + Village Cooking FEAST


Add one cup of water in Gram flour and mix well to remove lumps Now add this Gram liquid in the Yogurt (Dahi) and blend for a while Complete in batches and gather all in a separate bowl Keep it aside. In a deep wok, add half a cup of oil and heat at medium […]

LEVEL 9999 BEST Street Food in Pakistan – The ULTIMATE Lahori Street Food Tour of Lahore, Pakistan!

Street Food in Quetta, Balochistan – EXTREME Stuffed Lamb + Pakistani Street Food Tour of Quetta!

– [Trevor] Oh! (eastern music) Oh and here we go guys! We’re putting that right on the pit. Oh, and these are going right in the pit, look at this! Wow! Right over the coals. This is Baluochistan meat paradise. And this is ours right here. Stuffed with rice. (eastern music) Wow! That is unreal! […]

Village Food in Pakistan – BIG PAKISTANI BREAKFAST in Rural Punjab, Pakistan!

– Good morning, I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Pakistan, and I’m in a village just outside of Gujranwala. Today, I had a very special opportunity to explore the village, we’re gonna cook, we’re gonna eat. It’s about 8:00 am, the air is crisp and clean, the sun is […]

Pakistani Street Food – GOAT FEET JACUZZI + Tour of Walled City of Lahore, Pakistan!

– Good morning, I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Lahore, Pakistan, and today, I’m in the Walled City, which dates back to the year 1000. It’s the ancient center of Lahore. Today we’re gonna go on a full tour of the Walled City of Lahore. We’re gonna eat some […]

INSANE Pakistani Food VILLAGE WEDDING! – 4000 PEOPLE ULTRA RARE + BREAKFAST Street Food in Pakistan

– Coming up for all you food rangers. We’re bringing you for an insanely rare opportunity. A 4,000 person Pakistani wedding banquet with horse dancing, next level cooking and some rarely seen festivities that are gonna blow your mind. So make sure to watch all the way until the end. ‘Cause this video you’re gonna […]

Street Food in Peshawar – SUPERHUMAN Curry + 100 Egg BIGGEST Chapli Kebabs + Pakistani Street Food!

– All right, check it out guys, it’s Trevor James. We’re super deep in the back alleys of Peshawar, Pakistan, and today we’re going deep for tons of amazing Peshawari street food. Let’s check it out. (traditional folk music) Today, we’re bringing you in full-on for five incredible street foods, right here in Peshawar, the […]

Street Food in Pakistan – HARDCORE Chicken, GOAT Foot PAYA + Pakistani Street Food TOUR of Lahore!!!

This is just insane. It’s like a Christmas tree of chilis. Bright green, tons of desi ghee, and here’s the lemon, look at that. Wow, oh and there is the creamy masala. Insane, look at that. (laughs) Unbelievable. All right, check it out, guys, it’s Trevor James. We just got into deep Lahore, Pakistan. This […]

Street Food in Peshawar – GOLDEN PULAO Mountain + Charsi Tikka Kabab + Pakistani Street Food Tour!

– Awesome, guys. Check it out. It’s Trevor James. We are in the world-famous Peshawar, one of the ancient market cities of the world, and today we’re bringing you, for an ultimate street food adventure. It’s going to be a lot of fun. This is a long-time dream of mine to bring you here. Let’s […]