Real Chefs Attempt To Cook Together In Overcooked • Professionals Play

get that in the pant I got in the pan what a huge die hey guys i’m jos asta i’m adam Biermann and we’re chefs we work together we’re in San Francisco lazy bear a restaurant up there you started after I did I think right yeah Jo was actually at my boss oh that’s […]

Fixing Genre Fusions

Have you ever tried chilli and dark chocolate together. One is spicy, and intense, the other is mellow, bitter and a little bit sweet, you wouldn’t think this weird pairing would taste nice at all ,but amazingly it kind of does, the chilli cuts through the sicklyness of the chocolate, and the chocolate tempers the […]


today we are playing dare to cook and we all look exactly like Galt I go yeah I mean triplets I'm young they're coming for your brand oh my gosh maybe that is true but if you guys are wondering why we all look like her it's because this is the only hair they allowed […]

C'EST MOI QUI CUISINE ! 😤 | Overcooked 2 Ep.5

fico est là coucou les copies et les images on attendra les 20 des voix j'espère que vous entendez pas toujours la circulation à l'extérieur à boutons boutons c'est l'habiter et l'habiter et j'aime pas les niveaux volant c'est dur j'aime pas voulu me rappelait mon truc en plus offert plus haut niveau alors je […]