Maytag Man Commercial | Kitchen | Dishwasher | Dog Dishes

Maytag and the family pooch have a lot in common. Both are loyal. Both aim to please… And both are tenacious dish cleaners. But only one can sanitize. Maytag. What’s inside matters.

Meal Prep Chicken Salads – Tasty Lunches for the Week – Recipes by Warren Nash

Hey guys, it’s Warren here. I know what you’re thinking! “Warren, I lead a busy life, I don’t have time to make my lunches in advance”! Well, you’re wrong! Here is my 4 day meal prep recipe for my zesty breadcrumb and pesto chicken salads. Lunchtimes – sorted. Start by preheating the oven to 180c/350f. […]

Gâteau Sans Cuisson ! tellement facile et 😋

Hello Chocolate Cake Without Oven 400g of cookies 650ml milk 2 spoon of bitter cocoa 4 large tbsp cornstarch 200g Sweet dark chocolate butter 3 hours Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

Holland America: Galley (Kitchen) Tour

We sailed on the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam in the Spring of 2018 and again in late May of 2019. On both sailings, we enjoyed the complimentary galley tour — or kitchen tour — that was offered for all passengers. The tour was listed in the ship’s “When & Where” daily schedule as a “Kitchen […]

Easy Twisted Bread Recipe

250g of plain flour. 5 grams instant dry yeast. 12.5 grams of sugar In a measuring cup: 1 egg + 3 tbsp melted butter + warm milk, all combined to reach 250 ml. Stir Add 62.5g of plain flour for easier to shape later. (Use 312.5g of flour in total). Knead until smooth Rest for […]

10 Steps to Cooking a Perfect Pork Chop –

Hey there, welcome back to Iím Dave, and pork chops are one of my absolute favorite meals. They are pretty easy to make once you know the techniques, and tonight Iím going to show you how to cook a pork chop. I got an absolute monster of a pork chop from a really great […]

Pulled Pork for Amateurs

Music So the first thing we’re going to do is make our marinade. We’ll start with about a quart of apple juice. To that we’re going to add half a cup of brown sugar. This is dark brown sugar – it has a little bit more flavor than the light brown sugar. And we’re than […]

Super Clean Kitchen Appliances

It happens to everyone. Pot boils over. you’ve got a huge mess on your hands. I like to soak the grates for about five minutes in one part water and one part Super Clean while I’m cleaning the rest of the range top. And you know another good tip is you can take out those […]

How to Make Pulled Pork

Pull pork is a Southern barbecue favorite. Traditionally made by slow cooking pork over low heat in the smoker. If you don’t have a smoker, you can make pulled pork in the oven, or a crock pot with equally delicious results. We’re going to show you how to make succulent, pulled pork in your oven. […]