Orange Cake Eggless & without Oven by MJ’s Kitchen | subtitled

All praises to the Almighty ALLAH, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Peace be unto you Welcome to MJ’s Kitchen today’s recipe in our kitchen is of Orange Cake because orange season is on so we can use the fresh orange juice to make this cake & will make a delicious glaze for the cake […]

How to Make Delicious Homemade Fruitcake for Christmas | Smart Cookie |

(upbeat festive music) – It’s Christmas time! And today we are making the most controversial, the most maligned Christmas dessert of all of them. The fruitcake. We’re gonna start with a whole host of dried fruits. Now, key, cruc to this: we’re not using any of the neon stuff that you probably associate with a […]

Foods You’ll Definitely Avoid After You Know How They Are Made

It’s not exactly something you ever want to hear, but the sad truth is that some of the things you eat come from some seriously questionable sources. The manufacturing process for these foods is so disturbing that you’re bound to want to stop eating them — no matter how good they taste. Okay, so not […]

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