Making Indian Sweets From Scratch at Raja Sweets — Cooking in America

(upbeat, jazzy music) – So, we’re going to Raja Sweets in the heart of the Mahatma Gandhi District here in Houston, but, before that, we’re gonna go check out this super cool spot. It’s a mandir, the first one in the country. Thirty-three thousand pieces that was first assembled in India and then kind of […]

Mediterranean Salad at The Met

Even though it is a salad, it is still very filling. I’ll eat a whole salad, and be full. We put all the ingredients around, that way, as you get the salad… You see the salad blend but then you actually see all the other ingredients that are incorporated into this salad. We’re going to […]

Don’t get hangry: feed your brain healthy food | Brad Bushman | TEDxColumbus

Translator: Ruth Milligan Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Hello. It’s a great honor to give this talk today. How many of you would like to be successful in life? Raise your hand. Alright? Well actually, the two most important keys to success in life are: intelligence, and self control. Guess which one you can do the most […]

Vietnamese Cuisine With a Twist – Pho Viez | In Mineral Ridge | On The Menu 74

Pho Viez in Mineral Ridge is expanding its menu to offer several kinds of Asian cuisine. It was Vietnamese a little bit of Thai and a little bit of Chinese. I added Korean. I added a little bit of Japanese. Today, we take a look inside in on the menu. On The Menu is sponsored […]

Concrete Leveling in Pittsburgh, PA with the PolyLEVEL™ System by Baker’s Waterproofing

Uneven concrete is a real liability. Nobody wants to feel responsible for someone getting hurt in their property Whether it is residential or commercial, Baker’s Waterproofing can solve these sinking concrete problems for a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Prevent an accident. Call now for […]

Community Supported Agriculture: The Benefits of Supporting Local Foods

If you are interested in knowing more about where and how your food is grown and produced, and you also want the best for you and your family, then you are probably interested in local foods. Keeping it local benefits not only you, but also the community. You’ll get a chance to meet the people […]

Pierogi and the Best of Polish Street Food at a Former Gentleman’s Hotel — Cooking in America

We’re right outside of Detroit in the town called Hamtramck and we’re going to Polish Village Cafe that’s still holding on to its heritage. Hello it smells amazing in here How long you cooking in here? – Ten years because I come in America ten years ago and come here nd this only – Only […]

Baker's Gas Tour 2016