How To Loose Weight with 20:80 Principle

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greetings brothers and sisters family and friends I am the minister of wellness Nathanael Jordan somebody sister asked me about spinach so I thought I'd do a video about about spinach and I'm gonna go over for incredible health benefits of eating spinach again these videos are never popular these videos are never popular so […]


greetings brothers and sisters family and friends I am the minister of wellness Nathanael Jordan people are brainwashed into believing that chicken and fish is healthy people are brainwashed into believing chicken and fish is healthy chicken and fish in 2020 is just as dangerous to put in your mouth as a piece of bacon […]

Thyroid | Dr. Ashish Chauhan | Healthy Living | Shubhsandesh TV

California Health: Kern County battling obesity problem with new Know Your Numbers program

welcome back more than three quarters of Kern County is either overweight or obese that's according to the current County Department of Public Health in this week's California Health 23 ABC's Scott Sheehan got some tips from them about how to get them better shape Scott health officials say being overweight can lead to health […]

KETO: Taco Bell Meal Plan! (I've Got a Complicated Order)

so what can you get at Taco Bell when you're on keto okay folks I just spent $25 and 74 cents we tried to come twice to get breakfast but it's not happening the first time it was like it's you like this so I said that they didn't even do breakfast after the fourth […]

Why Japan Lives Longer

Michelle on how our health is our responsibility

the NHS is something we are all blessed to have but it's no secret that it's creaking at the seams if we wish for it to continue radical new ways of thinking and needed the answer can always be simply more money sorry Greg I was pleased then to see the new NHS 10 year […]

പഞ്ചസാര ഉപയോഗം സൂക്ഷിക്കുക | Malayalam Health Tips

[Applause] hello friends Namaskar I do give me YouTube channel to swaddle oh yeah Abdullah see I met the women's fitness blogger certified fitness trainer and nutrition specialist there was similar you can show getting down be negotiated I will have Batman very diverse in the Mercouri gonna try a coffee fresh juice then your […]

Carrots and cupcakes: healthy eating made simple | Niki Bezzant | TEDxQueenstown

we're surrounded by advice about healthy eating it's everywhere we go it's on television it's in the newspaper it's on TV it's just about every social interaction that we have as well but a funny thing has happened in the face of all this healthy eating advice we're getting less and less healthy and we're […]