New York Time’s Peter Baker: “Drama,” “Turmoil,” And “Rivalries” Besiege White House | MSNBC

Universal Health Coverage: a goal all countries can reach

Modern health care can work miracles. It can contribute to increased prosperity and security. Health care is taken for granted in rich countries but not in the rest of the world where health care remains expensive, remote and of poor quality. Too many people suffer ill-health or even die because they cannot get the treatmentthat […]

Status Quo Joe's Healthcare Hail Mary

our next clip is brought to you in partnership with Squarespace bring your stories to life online with Squarespace through a website blog or portfolio so easy I can even use it for 10% off head over to Squarespace comm slash tyt or use the promo code tyt question was asked whether we support eliminating […]

Medicare for what? The three major Democrat health care plan proposals

Janina on Facebook can you spend some time talking about the various healthcare policies in the mix for the 2020 primary alright I'll I'll try to start and you interrupt me if I've fucked something up so let's start with the public option and there's various different types of public options or they're called buy-ins […]

Why We Need Single Payer Health Care | Very Important Docs⁷

health care in the United States of America it kind of makes you feel like well there's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going there's no knowing where we're going or which way the rivers blowing is it raining is it snowing is the hurricane of blowing not a speck of life […]

Rep. Tom MacArthur faces enraged husband over health care bill (Full confrontation)

check hi I'm Jeff I'm a constituent I'm from pine beach in March you told us that you you practically broke your arm patting yourself on the back for not voting in January to just eliminate the ACA you told us that that was because you didn't think that health care can be solved in […]

Can't Go Home: Americans In Canada Share Healthcare Stories

what do you think of when you imagine an American living in exile unable to return to the US criminal tax evader draft-dodger terrorist threat do you think of me did you think of me so I was living in California and I met my husband through some mutual friends and we fell in love […]

Get lower costs on monthly premiums in the Health Insurance Marketplace

when you shop for insurance at the health insurance marketplace you'll find good quality health plans and by answering a few simple questions will be able to see whether you're eligible for one or more no-cost or low-cost insurance programs like Medicaid the Children's Health Insurance Program and a new benefit called the advanced premium […]