Avocado Oil: The # 1 Cooking Oil

Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural medicine and founder of draxe.com. In this video, I’m going to be doing an advanced training on avocado oil, all of its benefits, and how you need to be using it on a daily basis, and for what doses. And also go over some really surprising statistics […]

Customized Dog Food

Proper nutrition is so important. I tell my clients all the time that it’s diet, genetics, and luck that will make a difference in your pet’s life. Well, we can’t control the genetics, we can’t control the luck. But the diet is something that you can do. Custom pet food concept is is brilliant I […]

Popeyes Cheddar Biscuit Butterfly Shrimp – Food Review

Hello, everyone. This is Running On Empty … food review! Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Happy Fourth of July That’s at least the date that I’m filming this, and that’s when I hope to get this up. It’s the late afternoon, early evening of the Fourth of July I can smell – I can actually smell […]

The food deserts of Memphis: inside America’s hunger capital | Divided Cities

Right now, there are 23.5 million Americans who live in what we call ‘food deserts’. We wanted to come up with priorities, what were the needs in the larger South Memphis area and one thing that came up over and over again was access to food. You can easily get to a McDonald’s and there’s […]

VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS – Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison

We’ve all experienced it. We invite a friend to dinner, only to learn that she is the dreaded V-word. We have a vague sense of what it means, but we’re left with so many questions? Is it healthier? Will you sit on my leather couch? Can we still go to Taco Bell? In a world […]

7 SUMMER KITCHEN Hacks You Must Know | Kitchen Tips & Tricks | CookWithNisha

That kitchen problems never ends in a lady’s life even it get increased in summers So today I’ll bring for you amazing Kitchen Hacks which solves a lot of your problems today and if you find these hacks useful then hit LIKE & get this video to 50,000 Likes also Subscribe to my channel “CookWithNisha” […]

Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

When it comes to health, weight of course is not everything, but since there are so many health complications from being overweight or obese, it’s safe to say that Japan with an obesity rate of 3.5% is generally healthier than America with an obesity rate of 30%. Japan isn’t perfect, it has found itself on […]

Healthy Desserts

– People talk about sugar being the enemy, but that’s not always the case. So today, I’m with Kendra Peterson who is gonna help us rethink desserts. Yeah, we love that! Kendra, you say that sugar is not all that bad as long as it’s the right kind of sugar. – Exactly. I think the […]

The CrossFit Kitchen: Kickin’ Like Van Damme Chicken

Hey there. If you guys wanna knock out your meal prep, you know, get it out of the way, then stick around for my kickin’ like Van Damme chicken fingers with parsnip purée. Go ahead and gather these ingredients: 12 slices thinly sliced bacon, 2 large chicken breasts, 2 red bell peppers, 1 jalapeño, cilantro […]

A Boy Ate Nothing But Junk Food! This Is What Happened To Him

We all know that junk food is no good for us, and yet it remains the most popular type of food in the world. Once the bane of American waistlines, who found themselves the butt of jokes around the world, now people all over the globe are experiencing their own obesity epidemic thanks to the […]