Lady Gaga Applause PARODY! Key of Awesome #76

I recorded this song while getting a massage I spent the past several months hiding in my Gagarage Since I’ve been gone others have tried to claim the Gaga Crown When Miley tries to be me she looks like a slutty clown Now lets try on some bras with claws and balls I’m digging through […]

Genji VS Hanzo: Cooking Duel [Overwatch Animation]

Hello! My name is… *Green Cyborg Ninja Dude* And you, brother. My wonderings brought me to this place. It was not to my liking! What’s wrong Hanzo? Don’t you recognize me? You may call yourself my brother… But you are not the Genji I knew! I am a different man now. I am Whole. Together […]

débuter avec monsieur cuisine plus lidl silvercrest edition pause premiere utilisation conseils…

long video, a summary is in description start with MONSIEURCUISINEPLUS (tips, tricks etc …) hello, many tips to get started with the gentleman cooking more the first advice is to read the instructions for use! 🙂 at the beginning of the different books there are many tips before first use before the first use, the […]

raccorder un nettoyeur haute pression à un robinet intérieur cuisine salle de bain – kit gardena

connect a pressure washer to an interior faucet (kitchen, bathroom ..) hello, we will connect a pressure washer to an internal faucet I bought a GADENA adapter for 8,99 € (link description for italian Germany, Spain, England) Example of use gardena adapter 24 mm connection (external thread), 24 and 22 mm connection (internal thread) we […]

Lamb Shank Persian Recipe by International Cuisines

Cinnamon Sticks (not vanilla)

Tony Baker (mission not laugh Impossible) winged edition | REACTION!!!

what is up yo boy Ryoji am back with another try not to laugh you know this is Tony back of mission a laughing possible way in addition we're gonna react to this and see what's going on I'm not I'm gonna try my best not to laugh and you too we no further ado […]


Joe Budden Ft. Pusha T & Styles P – Dessert For Thought

dog horses get on level cuz when i see you i style cross on the devil illuminati amazing would it be facing face to you at the crossroad that's vacation it is like fright night get you a night late she runs like guys like mine is christ-like man Liga's one of the blake women […]