Americans Try Bizarre European Food

– And, what? No, I’m not gonna eat this! (man laughs) – [Man] That turned so fast. – [Woman] No! God, no! (man sighs) – [Woman] Snails! – Nice – [Voiceover] Escargot is an appetizer of land snails traditionally prepared in garlic butter. – Look at this little turd of thing. – Ew! – This […]

Catching and Cooking King Crab – Gordon Ramsay

They’re big, they’re ugly, and they’re coming to get us. It’s the invasion, of the monster King Crab. King Crab is the largest crustacean in the world, And they’re heading for Britain. GORDON: Norway has a massive problem with these huge, giant King Crabs. They’re just breeding, and breeding, and breeding, reducing the fish stocks, […]


– That’s dangerous, actually. Get that away from me. – I take back every scary thought I had. This is so good. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you’re gonna be trying Norwegian snacks. – Yay. I love eating. – Ooh, okay. That sounds fun. I love tasting new foods. – I’m […]

Norwegian Food Tour – 5 Dishes to Try in Oslo, Norway! (Americans Try Norwegian Food)

good morning adventurers we are in Oslo and you get it we're doing a boot clog today we are trying things like this this and this I can't pronounce any of it but it's going to be delicious so let's get warmed up and eat some food first up we're going to be trying a […]

A Good Life With Happy Food Is Great For Your Appetite | Table Tales: AKERSHUS COUNTY

Ein guter Tag für mich istein Tag mit meinen Gästen. Ich habe eine Leidenschaft für Essen, eineLeidenschaft für Getränke… und eine Leidenschaft für Menschen. Hallo, ich bin Helene Jahren… Managerin und Besitzerin desRestaurants Gamle Tårnhus in Kolbotn. Manchmal müssen wir uns entspannen und dasRestaurant ist ein Ort, an dem man entspannen kann. Ein Ort wo […]

Try These Nordic Recipes

from bread and pastries to cakes and flatbreads Magnus Nielsen is a chef with a passion for baking that passion has taken in outlets for vacant restaurants in Central Sweden on a culinary journey across Denmark or Faroe Islands iceland norway and of course sweden they're all in the Nordic baking book which features 450 […]

Kvaefjordkake : verdens beste | Norwegian dessert

hello everyone welcome back to my channel and welcome to 2017 this is the first video where I can actually say this so I really hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and that you are starting this new year full of strength and really excited for all the amazing things that I'm sure will […]