The Contestants’ Parents Come To Hell’s Kitchen | Season 18 Ep. 15 | HELL’S KITCHEN

China Airlines PREMIUM Economy Food Review New York to Taipei

Okay today, today, we’re going to Taiwan, but first, as usual, let’s go flush and grab some food. Okay, don’t judge me. I’m starving. I haven’t eaten anything all day, and I’m not flying business class. We’re first class so the food on the plane’s not gonna be that good. That’s why I’m gonna make […]

The Secrets Behind New York’s Most Famous Spicy Noodle Dish — Prime Time

– We are here at Xi’an Famous Foods to figure out what’s behind one of New York’s most iconic noodle dishes, the famous hand-pulled lamb noodles. – I’m very excited to check it out, so let’s go. (upbeat music) – Lamb is something that we use a lot in our dishes, not just in our […]

Word Of Mouth – The Hidden Gem In Upstate New York Serving Global Cuisine

you could drive by a restaurant 10 times and not even really know that it’s there we’re not near anything you have to make an effort to come to our place so it’s us here from all these different backgrounds coming and doing phenomenal work blows people’s minds away pandan rice you add to that […]

Garbage Plates: Rochester’s Best-Kept Secret || Food/Groups

– If you’re talking to somebody and they say, where are you from, and you say Rochester, New York, it’s like, oh, did you ever hear of this thing called a garbage plate? We’ve had movie stars, lawyers, doctors, politicians, didn’t have the queen of England yet, but we’re still hoping. – Rochester, New York, […]

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