US Economics 101 – With Dean Baker & Maya Rockeymoore

welcome back to the point i’m your host of my rocky more and i am pleased to welcome dean baker to sandy malcolm dean are you there be a shipping clerk i tam well how are you reading hand-in-glove list and dina sequestering shenanigans trails um… inaudible the question my guess is more likely to […]

John Legend Sings to Khalea Lynee in the Hopes of Winning Her Over – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Khalea: ♪ Hey ♪ You don’t know, babe ♪ When you hold me ♪ And kiss me slowly ♪ It’s the sweetest thing [ Cheers and applause ] ♪ Ohh ♪ And it don’t change ♪ If I had it my way -Yes! -Yes, yes, yes, yes. ♪ You would know that you are Yes! […]

Sailor Brinkley-Cook Originally Said ‘No Way’ To Being On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

– Get this, first I call her to say, “Honey where are you?” ’cause I found out I was not gonna be dancing again. So I said, “Honey where are you right now?” She said, “I’m sitting on the runway in the plane, we’re about to take off to come cheer you on.” I said, […]

One of Seth’s Writers Explains a Joke: Man Steals Saxophone

-A Virginia man was arrested this weekend after he allegedly stole a $5,000 saxophone during a reception at a science museum and took it to a pawnshop. When police apprehended him, he was winding his way down Baker Street. [ Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” plays ] [ Laughter ] This brings us to a segment […]

Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look

-The White House is now threatening to obstruct the impeachment inquiry and refusing to cooperate with subpoenas. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ As a candidate for president, Trump echoed years of empty Republican rhetoric about the sanctity of our Constitution and claimed that he wanted to restore the values […]

Bobby Flay Reveals His Favorite Room: His Outdoor Kitchen | TODAY

Liz Lemon Loves Food – 30 Rock (Mashup)

-Frank, tell your mother the truth, ’cause living a lie will eat you up inside. Like that parasite I got from eating sushi on Amtrak. ♪♪ Wanna see me shotgun this? ♪♪ -Oh, God. She means the pizza. -♪ Workin’ on my night cheese ♪ -I want to send my driver into Manhattan to pick […]

Dane Cook and Jimmy Compare Embarrassing Headshots

-Welcome back. I’m happy you’re here. How are you feeling? -It’s so good to be back. I feel great. -Yeah. -I feel — You know what? I feel great, but can I just — Can I get right into something that’s been on my mind lately? -Sure, of course. -I’m 47, Jimmy. And — Can […]

Loving Parents and Their Special Needs Daughter Receive Their Dream Kitchen | George to the Rescue

[theme music] [music playing] I’m really excited to surprise the Callaghan family. They’ve lived in their home in Maplewood, New Jersey, for 24 years. I’m Harlene Callaghan. I’m Dan Callaghan. HARLENE Callaghan: We dated six months and then got engaged. He tells me how much he loves me every day. And I get flowers every […]

Meghan Trainor Cut “Me Too” with Lizzo in the Kitchen

-Congratulations are in order, because you were just announced as a judge on “The Voice UK.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -So, you are an artist putting out music. And I’m always fascinated by artists that are putting out music because there’s so much — We already talked about music earlier. They’re so […]