Arabic Food in Karachi | Mutton Mandi | Madfoon , Madbee & Kunafa | Pakistani Food

Salam my name is Zia Tabarak… …and right now I’m at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi. I read a lot of messages & comments from you guys… …saying we’ve seen Nihari, Kebabs & Biryani & now we want something different. Arabic dishes are really trending right now in Karachi… And “Mandi House” tops the chart for Arabic […]

Namkeen Gosht | Balochi Rosh Recipe | نمکین گوشت | Namkeen Roast | Mutton Recipes.

✅Tasty Balouchi Namkeen Gosht Rosh Recipe by ❤cooking with asifa❤ yt_vid-138_YouTube

Fast Special Sabudana Appe Recipe 500+ views

Simple and Easy Egg Fried Rice Recipe 1.9 million + views

welcome to ghar ka khana 2 cups boil rice, 3 eggs capsicum thin and long cut, 1 onoin fine chopped 1 cup green onion fine chopped, 2 green chilli fine chopped garlic paste, ginger paste red chilli sauce, vinegar,soya sauce white pepper powder, salt , oil take a kadai add 2tbsp oil let oil heat […]

Karela Recipe/ Karela Pyaz ki Sabji Recipe with 1.6 million + views

many a fan of the sonically mugak economy eyes from Bernanke Carolee or kiosk isn't so is Scalia me Charlie Kirill a team pas la patate away teen hurry which marketing we know mark dhaniya powder garam masala language powder haldi sir so cotton or amateur subsequently on Kirill eco-car clinging or Smith amok lovingly […]

Street Food at Mall Road Murree & Nathia Gali | Beautiful Pakistan Food Travelogue

Right now we're going to Murree from Islamabad… …and to Nathia Gali from there. So let's go and check out what's happening. Let's Go! Right now we have stopped ….at Jhika Gali? We've stopped at Jhika Gali… …lets check out the view from here. This is "Kashmir Point"… …a scenic viewpoint in Murree. A few […]

Afghani Pakistani Food Tour , Shaheen Shinwari, Karachi | Mutton Mandi & More | Pakistan Street Food

Mutton Mandi, Kabuli Pulao, Chapli Kebab, Afghani Boti, Chicken Karahi etc etc… …after hearing all these names the first thing that comes to our mind is… …Peshawar's Namak Mandi (Food Street of Peshawar). But if you want to try these delicious items in Karachi… …then you have to go to Shaheen Shinwari. Because all these […]

Best Chicken Recipe/Kalegi Pota masala Fry 2 Lac+ Views by Deepa Khurana

Indo Chinese Recipe Chicken Chilli Dry 4 Millions + Views

medipartner have the identity of the economic as the meringue into intelligent I envision a photograph cordless chicken is called a llama llama Katya has taken de HM lavishly mega TV APR so Mohammed lessenberry katawa hair appears very katawa channel image to be cut in we red chilli sauce soya sauce we need a […]