Kitchen Hack Testing 14 – Mrs Barry special


Pretty much everyone in the world loves a good pancake now this is a healthy twist on pancakes you can have any time of day using greek yoghurt and egg whites. Drizzled with honey and topped with blueberry and banana they taste amazing, for the batter you need the following ingredients low fat greek yoghurt […]


Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it’s Barry here and today i’m not feeling very well as you can hear but I don’t want your sympathy we’re making a chicken chow mein it’s delicious and I only sneezed over it 15 times when I made it, good. Looks amazing right […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 13

My £5 Mac & Cheese Maker! – kitchen gadget testing

Bedfordshire Clanger Recipe | my virgin kitchen

Hey everyone, it’s Barry here, welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, it’s Jimmity James, Hello. (laughs) Welcome to my kitchen, Jimmy. It’s nice to be here, man. Do you like it? It’s cool. We’ve got the lights, we’re in focus, we’re wearing it all smart for you. Yeah, I just got out of bed, but– Yeah, […]

Kitchen Gadget Testing #48


Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen today I am showing you how to make a delicious homemade French onion soup with a gooey cheesy tear and share bread alongside that will just rock your socks and you can customise it any way you want now the other day my neighbour […]

Fizzy Fruit | Kitchen Science Testing #2

– Have you ever wanted to taste a fizzy strawberry, a carbonated grape or even a tongue-tangling yoghourt? Well hopefully today I’m gonna show you how, hopefully. Hey everyone, hope you’re well. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, its Barry. This is the second video in the kitchen science testing playlist. If you missed the snake […]

Phoebes Cauliflower Cheese Recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN

Hello! Alright guys I’m back home from 4 or 5 days of craziness in London and I’m here with Phoebe — hello, hello. First thing you said when you saw me Phoebe, I wanted to make cauliflower cheese, yeah not I miss you or I love you Daddy, I want to make cauliflower cheese. So […]