LIVE IT: Detox Cabbage Soup

(upbeat music) – [Cory] Happy New Year. Here is a simple and hearty soup to help combat the indulgence in the holidays. It’s delicious, simple, easy to make and full of vitamins and minerals. Be sure to remove the tough center of the cabbage. It takes a long time to cook, and it isn’t very […]


– Hi, guys. How’s it hanging? Today is a very exciting day. Not for me, not for you, not really for anyone, except for Moo. Today, I am making my cat her very first, gourmet, home-made meal. (gasping) Thus far, she’s just eaten a bunch a kitty crap. I gotta be honest. Just packaged food, […]


Osookoo ( Osookoo responds): Abena Ebi my stomach is worrying me my stomach is worrying me my stomach will be my end oo you are here, i am going to treat you you are here, i am going to treat you abena the hopital treatmen and the African treatements do not work together oo (throws […]

This Chef Adds a Mexican Touch to Southern Cuisine

(chopping sounds) (upbeat music) – [Zoe] The American South has long had a taste for Mexican food. But one chef has created a unique fusion of his very own. – I’m Zoe Saldana from BESE, and I’m teaming up with Great Big Story to shine a light on American LatinX Excellence around the country. (fast […]

Amazing Salads | HOMEMADE ITALIAN DRESSING | How To Feed a Loon

[MUSIC] Hey everybody! [LAUGH] >>Hey, now if you like what you saw make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.>>That’s right, and to get more amazing recipies like this.>>Yeah. >>Just click right here.>>Click, subscribe.>>Do it all. >>Click, subscribe.>>Just click and subscribe. [LAUGH]

Joker’s “Cold, Cold Heart” Music Video (Troy Baker) – Batman: Arkham Origins

Я так стараюсь, мой дорогой, показать тебе, что все мои мечты лишь о тебе. Но ты все равно боишься, что всё, что я делаю – это просто какой-то дьявольский план. Воспоминания из твоего одинокого прошлого разделяют нас. Почему я не могу избавить тебя от сомнений и растопить твое ледяное сердце? Другое преступление, что было до […]

Slow-Cooker Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi I’m Merle and I’m the producer for this video so I’m gonna give you a couple producer tips so I used fresh ingredients for this recipe and I highly recommend it if it’s possible for you fresh basil and fresh tomatoes are gonna make the flavor of the […]

Our cooking day in Pensacola Beach

-[Tony]: Hello YouTube! It’s our cooking day. Only me, my brother Mark, and my cousin Sophie are making dinner. And you saw us went shopping with my uncle. Here is our list of our foods. (vibe music) (joyful music) -[Uncle]: Chef Tony’s technique. (joyful music) Tony really could become a good chef (joyful music) -[Mark]: […]

The Fabulous Baker Boys – My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine Sweet Comic Valentine You make Me Smile with My Heart Your Looks Are Laughable Unphotographable but You’re My Favorite Work of Art Is your Figure Less than Greek Is your Mouth A Little Weak When you Open It to Speak Are you Smart? Don’t change A hair for Me Not If You […]