The loser cleans the dishes! ‘Never Have I Ever’ game [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2017.02.03]

(This is not over yet) (Miran’s drip coffee) (Steaming) Isn’t there a man like Miran? A man like me? If I found a man like Miran, I’d get married right away. (Sook crush has fallen for Ran crush) Where are the dirty dishes? Piled up over there. How should we decide who does the dishes? […]

The Victorian Kitchen | Episode 3: 3-Day Weekend

– It is Friday night, just before we are going to spend two weeks working on this kitchen, so we are finishing up the fireplace. We just have a couple more rows to do, so we’re gonna do that quickly, so that tomorrow, we can tear into all of this. Yes, I do, have an […]

Home styles Jamaican cuisine!

yeah good morning my peeps know this Sunday morning I’ll be looking after I don’t actually stop luckily don’t worry son we should know so right know the coconut milk is simmering the vegetables tomatoes scallion character do you know never make it work so just give me a few minutes and then I’ll exactly […]


hey guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a deep clean and declutter of my kitchen I’m not gonna be doing the refrigerator because I just cleaned that out a few days ago and I’m not sure if I’m gonna do my pantry yet just because I like to use […]

Beef Stew From Musical Instruments ASMR – How Cook

Jo Koy, Jane Lynch And Kelly Cook An 18th Century Recipe: Pigeons In A Hole

– We’re dressed this way though because we’re about to learn 18th Century Cooking from John Townsend, who posts 18th Century Cooking videos on YouTube, in full costume. (audience applauding) And even the band looks spiffy y’all, they’re looking good. But I gotta ask you, what makes you an expert in the 18th Century, why […]

THERMOFORMING 300° CORIAN (how to make salad servers)

Hey, guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today we’re going to make salad hands by heat forming Corian. So, we should be able to heat this up and mold it into different shapes. That’s what the internet says. (laughs) So, we’re gonna try it. Okay, so we’re getting set up to carve right now. The […]

Ultimate Holiday Magic Kingdom Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney Treats

– Are we doing it? Didn’t you tell me yesterday that you could see my gray hairs? I’m still thinking about it. (laughs) Hi everyone we’re here at Magic Kingdom, some of you have been asking for it for a really long time. We’re here specifically today for a Christmas episode. I know, maybe you […]

6 of the Best Street Food Finds in Mexico City

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] The first thing about Mexico City that will grab you is the city’s immense sprawl. The second thing is the food. (upbeat music) The street food of Mexico City reflects the ingredients of the entire country and history that spans hundreds of years. (upbeat music) In the neighborhood of Juárez, you […]