Madina | Food & Travel Guide | Indian & Pakistani Together | Ziyarats of Medina Munawarrah

Assalam Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak And today we’re going to the City of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) That is Medina Right now I am at the Mosque of Quba And this is the Qiblatayn Mosque Where we are right now is the field of Battle of the Trench Here we have the Uhud […]

In Focus: Otis Redding Behind the Spotlight

This class is the Museum Studies class here at Georgia Southern and we began the class knowing that ultimately we’re going to be designing the exhibit on Otis Redding we just have a semester to do this then we sort of said okay what do we want to say about Otis Redding in this exhibit […]

Portable Museum Of Curiosity inspired by Robert Dick baker & botanist of Thurso 1811-1866

bjbjz Wearing a swallowtail coat, jeans and a chimney-pot hat, Robert Dick often had children following him from his bakery in Thurso, as they were curious to know what he was doing on his walks. He was not only a baker, but also a renowned self-taught botanist, a geologist and naturalist. Interested in entomology, he […]

A Short History of Tea in English Homes.wmv

Drinking tea is often seen as a very English tradition but for most of history this is not the case. Before tea came to England it already had a long history in China where people have been drinking for over four thousand years. When tea arrived in English home in the late 1600s, it was […]

Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine with Sarah Lohman

Good evening everybody and welcome to the museum of science so happy to see all of you here. This is the first in our winter/spring season of adult programs, or as we like to say intelligent fun for adults. We are delighted to launch the series in conjunction with the opening of our new chocolate […]

Why was food in the 1960s/70s so experimental?

[UPBEAT MUSIC] This is definitely not like a salad I’ve ever eaten before. This is disgusting. Probably more like a dessert than a salad, to be honest with you. It’s got that, like, fake, sweet flavour but with, like, crunchy carrot. It’s not too bad. In some Australian kitchens some revolutionary food ideas were being […]

Caring for Julia Child’s Kitchen

January of 2012 we’re deinstalling Julia Child’s kitchen because we are moving it to a larger gallery which will open August of 2012. And so what we’re doing is taking each item, each tool down from its peg board or off the counter and we’re cleaning and assessing the condition. The take-down of the kitchen […]

Accidental Witnesses to History: The Baker Collection (Curators Corner #11)

Leslie Swift: My name is Leslie Swift and I am a film researcher in the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive at the Holocaust Museum. The Film and Video Archive collects all types of film related to the Holocaust, and that’s a pretty large… largely defined. That includes footage from before the war–pre-war Jewish life, […]


[Musik] foto vision 5.0 weist die neue ausständige museum für kunst und gewerbe und sie beschäftigt sich mit der zukunft unserer ernährung wir haben für diese ausstellung über 30 diese einer von mexiko über kuwait bis kuba eingeladen ihre neuesten visionen und projekte zu präsentieren und es sind sehr vielschichtige projekte die zum einen das […]