When You Can’t Do Salads

(dramatic build-up effect) (bites salad) (chokes) – Ugh. I’m not a giraffe. (upbeat electronic music) Stepped on grass. (chokes) Ugh. It tastes like nothing. What is this? This is nothing. This is grass. I need food. Hey Phil! How’s the daughter? I’m just going to have the regular. What I always have. XXL Grilled Stuffed […]

Makkah Streets | Food & Travel | Arafat, Mina, Ghar e Hira & Saur | Ziyarats of Makkah

Assalam Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak And right now I am in Makkah Makkah is the place where this world began Adam and Eve met here in the plain of Arafat The first house ever built was the Kaaba, which in Noah’s flood was destroyed, then, Abraham PBUH was ordered by God to rebuild […]

How to Wash Dishes in the Backcountry: Leave No Trace Skills Series

Hi, I’m Donielle with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Dirty dishwater can pollute our lakes, rivers, and streams, which is why Leave No Trace always recommends doing your dishes 200 feet or 70 big steps away from any water source. Today we’re going to show you the one-bucket dish system, perfect for […]

[NTQ Vlogs] Mountainous Girl Cooking The Stream Side *IN ONE DAY*

Đừng quên “Đặt lời nhắc”🔔 và share link YouTube này đến tất cả mọi người nhé!!! 🎶🎶🎶 Đừng quên “Đặt lời nhắc”🔔 và share link YouTube này đến tất cả mọi người nhé!!! 🎶🎶🎶 Share và like để ủng hộ Channel của mình nhé !!! Đừng quên “Đặt lời nhắc”🔔 và share link YouTube này […]

Mt. Baker top of Chair 5 to half-pipe/bottom of Chair 7 2018 POV

I am very displeased The Scottsman tickled me leveled code to Obama 7? Yiaob Hoyeh getta bagflip Iab Although Mike Tyson was admirable in his technique, his remarkable fighting power and tenacity were the real reason he is remembered to this day. RIP Michael Jacksenson *Chuckles* Prepare for unforeseen consequences, asshole (Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation) *The […]

Rocky Mountain Cuisine

the influence of the menus is definitely canadiana of course we're using wild berries forage mushroom cells in the fall and these are a natural blend especially for the game meats that we produce on our own farm it's just creates a fantastic product for our for our restaurants that with the fireplaces crackling away […]

RV Travel Life | Best Tent & Small RV Campgrounds – Mt. Baker, Part 1

hey youtube today we are heading up to Mount Baker it is the northernmost mountain peak and Washington State where we're pretty close to Canada right now yeah we're not that far away but I thought we go up there and check out Baker leg and maybe find a campground or to show you guys […]

A Little Camp Cookery: Bannock (Recipe in description)

hey guys Andrew burned a beard outdoors and tonight we're gonna make some Bannock stick with me there's no real magic to the benek this is an old recipe that's been around for a thousand years or at least since the mid to late 1800s and I don't know if I can remember the exact […]