Moscow, Russia – Street Food, Weird Restaurants & Cold War Bunkers | Furious Pete World Tour

[Music] [Music] what’s going on everybody welcome to another world tour episode this time could you tell where we are we are in Moscow we are in Russia and you guys are in for a treat let’s start the show Moscow has lots of surprises including this a streetcar with a restaurant on top so […]

Russian towns | ROSTOV | Monastery and Russian Cuisine

Hello everyone! Daria here, and welcome to another Slow Russian plus Real Russia video So. Today I’m going to visit an ancient town of Rostov. It’s a very famous town, not far from Moscow, just a couple hours driving And as usual it will be in slow Russian, so if you don’t understand me, use […]

Smartz ft Shaker The Baker – Freedom (Music Video) | @MixtapeMadness

[Muziek] kussen kwamen bij vrede moeder [Muziek] muziek allebei tribune [Muziek] en die zit dit kan dagen door de stel een rietje weet je uitzetten de politie niet hadden geven in april [Muziek] 2016 over discussies die tony padilla bionica mimei oh my god kijk mix and match friedman ik je nodig en meet some […]

My Favorite Vegan Recipes ☆ Super Easy, Healthy, and Delicious

hi guys welcome back to my channel I am so so excited to film this video today because I'll be showing you some of my favorite vegan recipes is gonna be like breakfast lunch and a snack and they're all very nutritious you're healthy and they're also delicious I'm impressed with that you know my […]