10 Outrageously Expensive Fast Foods You Can’t Afford

If you have expensive tastes but love fast food then this list is for you some of the expensive fast foods do use flakes with edible gold leaf to make it extra expensive but that’s just cheating so take a look at our 10 outrageously expensive fast foods first thousand dollar breakfast 120 dollar prime […]

How to Save Money on Food!

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, welcome back to the You Need A Budget YouTube channel, my name is Ashley, and if you watched my first video which was Seven Tips To Start Your First Budget, you will know that the categories I have the hardest time with are groceries and dining out. When people in […]

Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?

If you’ve ever eaten a hamburger at a fast-food restaurant, White Castle deserves at least some of the credit. White Castle is a fast-food chain with a small footprint in the Midwest and Northeast. It’s famous for small, cheap burgers and its appearance in the movie “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.” But you […]

How Apple CEO Tim Cook Charmed President Donald Trump

The trade war between the United States and China has most big tech companies really worried about whether tariffs could cut into their bottom lines. But one company was able to thread the needle between a volatile American president and the world’s biggest consumer market. More than any other tech leader, Apple CEO Tim Cook […]

How Chipotle Bounced Back After Food Safety Scares

In 2016, Chipotle reported that its profits had fallen 95% after a series of food safety issues that sickened hundreds of people and sent its stock price plunging. E. coli outbreak that caused Chipotle restaurants to shut down. Investors aren’t the only ones steering clear of Chipotle. I mean, it just keeps happening to Chipotle […]

Oh No, This Restaurant Is Too Fancy

(lively techno music) – Hi. – Hi! – Hey. – Hey! – How you doing? – Good. – [Woman] Oh, have you been in this place before? – No, but it’s close to my office. The menu looks good online. – Good evening, welcome to Une Vert Debe. Do you have a reservation? – No. […]

Manda Opens Up | Season 15 Ep. 8 | HELL’S KITCHEN

When I was dancing, I’ve never been in as good of shape in my life. Being on a pole, think about it. you’re using all of your core. How long did you do that For Many Mandas ago, I used to be a dancer at a go-go bar. just for doing this one trick. And […]